Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Nice, Rainy Tutorial

After hearing about the first ILC tutorial session on the 15th of this month from my fellow ILCers, I wondered how today's session would go.  Thankfully, the entire tutorial session was nice, relaxed, and without many problems despite the rainy weather outside.

De Anza High School's gate with the ILC banner.
I woke up this morning thinking that I would end up being late to the tutorial at De Anza High School after sleeping past my alarm for 40 minutes and waking up at around 7:40 AM with a chauffeur (my mom) only just waking up as well. To my relief, my panic and rush allowed me to get to De Anza High School at around 8:10 AM, about 20 minutes before the session started.  Upon arriving, finding the room in which the tutorial was to be held was quite easy as I found Don outside the gate who then guided me inside.  To my surprise I found out that my French teacher, Ms. Scott, is actually my chaperone for my trip to Brown,. After a little bit of small talk with Don, more ILCers began to arrive, eventually starting our tutorial session.

The tutorial itself started with some warnings and protocols that we are expected to follow, including a warning about Evil Don and Guantanamo Don.  We then later moved onto the topic of blogging and photography.  Each of us wrote a practice blog and took a few pictures during this time. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera to bring to take photos, leaving this blog a bit more bland.  Once we were about 2 hours in, we held a small break where I talked to my fellow cohorts Jack and Kevin and my classmate, Katelyn, before resuming again.

The tutorial classroom.
The latter part of the tutorial was more about the trip itself and what is to be expected of us when we get to our respective colleges.  When Don told us about how lousy the dorms at Brown would be and how every other college had decent to great dorms, I began to cringe at the thought of sweating constantly, having to use a communal shower, and all the unsanitary objects to be found.  With that thought aside, I started to feel excited for the trip and before I knew it, the tutorial was already over. After loitering around for about 10 minutes, I finally left to rest up at home.

The tutorial session was relatively simple with clear instructions, even if I don't remember all of them right now.  It was nice seeing the other kinds of people that made it into the ILC and being able to meet part of my cohort again. I'm really looking forward to what's to come in the future from the ILC and even more from my experience at Brown.


  1. Before the child welfare people come knocking on my door let's get this straight, please: Your FIRST break came at the 75 minute mark and it was a 20 minute break. Your SECOND 20 minute break came less than hour after you returned from the first.

    From reading your blog our friends in Watchamacallitstan might think I'm a real SOB taskmaster.

    And while on the matter of these breaks, while trying to make me look bad you seem to have forgotten to mention the chips, the cookies, the red vines and the bottled water I brought for you all. Does that sound like Good Don or Evil Don? :-)

  2. Brandon, I am proud to be able to chaperone you and the other students to Brown this summer. Congratulations on this ILC accomplishment. Felicitations!