Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Sunny Start

Today's milestone event as participating in the Ivy League Connection began on a wonderfully sunny and, personally well missed, hot day! I approached the new De Anza High School building in my t-shirt and cargo shorts, taking on the slight, warm breeze of the afternoon and awaiting for what lay ahead.

Immediately after making my way through the gate and into the computer lab, I saw Don and ILCers from Session 1, who had just finished their tutorial, as well as more fellow ILCers for Session 2. After everyone from my session arrived and was ready to get to work, Don gave us a refresher on following basic instructions. The consequence of failing to abide by directions is meeting Evil Don or Guantanamo Don. We ILCers, however, are perfectly fine with Good Don and would love to have him at our side for as long as possible. With a slight sense of precaution, the fellow ILCers and I remained smiling and attentive to the protocols Don had prepared for us.

Right after the quick refresher, Don passed out a forty-two page packet on the Ivy League Connection protocols, tips, and other helpful information. The objective of today, however, was the art of blogging and the critical role it plays in writing effectively. We were able to obtain a grasp on the fundamentals of blogging as we practiced posting blogs and pictures to go along with them. Though initially slightly difficult and time consuming, the group and I managed to surpass our troubles and continued on to learn more information regarding the ILC and blogging, including the photographic aspect (for blogging itself), as well as communication, further ILC milestone events, the journey to our summer university, but essentially, being as proactive as possible.
An insight into tutorial
With today's work accomplished, I find myself enthusiastic as to the new experience the rest of the ILCers and I await! It will be an honorable privilege to take on the traveling, academic, social, and learning aspects and opportunities of this program! For now, I can say that though these next upcoming months will be difficult, I can, and will, surpass the struggles of this opportunity and will make the most out of the experience!


  1. I have every confidence in you, Arnold, and look forward to spending some quality time with you over the next few months.

  2. Thank you very much, Don! I really appreciate everything.

  3. It was a pleasure meeting you at our dinner on Monday night, Arnold. You are going to gain so many new experiences throughout the program. Enjoy every moment.