Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Jam-Packed, Four-Hour Session on a Wonderfully Rainy Day

Today, I woke up at around 7:30 which wasn't too bad after going right to bed after socializing with a good friend of mine who is currently at Cal Poly SLO as a freshman. I arrived right at my target time of 8:15 which was relatively surprising as I was rushing to leave the door. The rain concerned me as there may be less of an opportunity to take pictures as Don planned but at the end, there are a considerable amount of photos that were taken complimentary of Don. The majority of the presentation was not as boring as I thought but a lethargic character would not suffice since there is so much detail in the presentation.

The practice blog was actually quite pleasant to write, as the content requirements were extremely laissez-faire. Since I was unable to bring my camera to the session today (shame on Kevin), I used the stock photos that Don put on his flash drive which were completely random to the actual content. There is also a special mention to one of the other ILC'ers as she repeatedly left comments with my name with the incorrect spelling. It is all cool though as we were just kidding around by testing while also learning how to post comments underneath blogs, so we were able to kill two birds with one stone (or if my calculus teacher saw this, I meant to say to pet two cats with one hand.)
It was truly really nice to meet some of the other ILC'ers that I have only seen the names of—they all seemed really interesting and engaging. I hope to see them more in the later months! Currently while writing this blog, I am listening to the Session Four tutorial so this gives me absolutely no excuse to be uncomprehending. Later, after the tutorial session, I couldn't help myself by walking around the school to admire the architecture. According to Don, the construction of my contemporary school cost more than that of De Anza, but I personally admire the interior architecture of the hallways, which had a very earthly but luminescent ambiance due to the abundance of glass panels. It almost felt like schools in Europe and Japan where long hallways and high use of glass tend to be ubiquitous for secondary schools.
De Anza High School's main gates with the iconic ILC banner to direct clueless souls like us.
The laundry spiel and the explanation of items or actions which are prohibited appeared to be humorous at a first glance but as Don said, they are there because there have been previous ILC'ers who have committed such atrocious decisions that simply can't be tolerated. Also, I previously did not used to be fond of taking pictures after having disdainful scenarios of taking photographs with my mom but after hearing Don's lecture, I do not only have a relatively competent grasp of taking and uploading photos but that in which my interest in pictures in magazines and other publications seem especially interesting. I am the person who probably prefers the physics and chemistry behind optimum photographic production but we'll see when I have to declare a major in college.

In retrospect, I found this session particularly detailed which is very useful, as many of my questions have been asked while listening. It was interesting to get pestered (in a friendly and playful way) by another friend but most importantly, I am glad that the ILC'ers could meet in one room and listen to Good Don (hope he is like this so far) delineate crucial information for what the Ivy League Connection even is. The amount of content excites me, as I am a person who dislikes being languid; I am quite certain that the ILC will lead to quite the opposite effect!


  1. Sadly, I know of no way to make this material more interesting. I suppose I could wear a costume, insert a light show with music and maybe have some fake smoke rafting through the room but this would eat into the budget. Sorry. Lecturing about fonts, text pagination and list of what to pack is what it is--less than exciting.

  2. It is certainly needed for competent results from all of these requirements demanded upon ILC members! That may be a very nice alternative but I agree that fiscal problems prohibit that. Maybe some sort of optimum balance can be achieved next year, just give me a ring if you need help on that!

  3. I suppose that it may be asking too much of bright young students to be able to sit through lectures without costumes, smoke screens and wild music.

  4. Kevin, it was a pleasure meeting you and some of the other Brown I students at the tutorial on that rainy Saturday. Thanks for the photo - I think that Don would be pleased with the clarity of the picture.

  5. Of course Don would be pleased with the clarity of the photo--it was his photo! I make my photos available to the ILCers so they can use them in their blogs. :-)