Thursday, May 1, 2014

The First Lovely Cohort Meeting

It was 6 o'clock in the evening of April 28th, and it was the time that all of the Brown-I cohorts and the chaperon to meet. I arrived Chevy's right on time. As I opened the door, I saw three familiar faces: Brandon, Arnold, and our chaperon, the beautiful Ms.Scott, who was my one-day French teacher.

We got seated, and Jack arrived. This was the first time that I met him. Looking at the menu, I wanted to try everything because all of them seemed very delicious. After consideration, I decided to order shrimp fajitas and tortilla soup. While waiting for our orders to arrive, we chatted with each other. We talked about school, the upcoming AP tests, what we wanted to eat when we got to Rhode Island, and many other topics.

My soup finally arrived. When I took the first sip of the soup, I loved it; it was rich in taste and I liked the feeling of chewing the food pieces and drinking the soup at the same time. Then, the main dishes came. When we were eating, I could tell that every one of us enjoyed his/her dish because everyone just kept putting food inside his/her mouth without saying a word, including myself.

After the meal, we resumed our chatting mode. We talked until it was 7:30. I really enjoyed this meeting. I got to talk and meet my cohorts and the chaperon, who I will spend time with for three to four weeks during the upcoming summer in Brown. Knowing that all the people in the group are so nice and caring, I know that my learning tour in the East coast will be one of the best experiences in my life. Now, I am so excited!
A Group Picture after the Dinner


  1. Until I looked at the photo it never dawned on me that you are the only female member of your cohort. That has good and bad ramifications for you with the best being that you get a hotel room to yourself. Of course, the bad part of that is that you have to stay by yourself with no one to share your thoughts with. Six of one and a half dozen of the other.

    Sounds like you all enjoyed your meet and greet with a fair mixture of food and fun.

  2. Jing, I am glad that you had the foresight to request a photo for the blog - well done!

    And although you were only able to take one day of French, I am sure you will learn some more of the language with Brandon and Jack at your side. Looking forward to our next experience together.