Friday, May 2, 2014

A Break With Food and the Cohort

The past few weeks have been quite stressful with AP tests coming up as well as the May SAT, but I was allowed a break from all of my work thanks to a wonderful dinner with my ILC cohort.  A week prior our cohort received an email from our great chaperone Alana Scott, who also happens to be my French teacher. She suggested going out for a dinner at Chevy's to get to know each other a little more.  I was delighted at the thought of trying Chevy's for the first time and seeing Jack, Arnold, and Kevin again after what seemed like forever.

I arrived at the dinner second after Arnold, greeting Ms. Scott and having some small talk about AP testing. Unfortunately, Kevin could not make the dinner and Jing, Arnold, Jack, Ms. Scott, and I went in to eat. Arriving at the table and looking at the menu in front of me, I had no idea what to expect.  I knew that Chevy's was a "fresh Mex" restaurant, but I'm also not the biggest fan of Mexican food.  I disregarded my inexperience with Mexican food and ordered the best sounding meal on the menu, the "Mixed Grill Fajitas." The food itself was better than I had expected and was extremely filling, with every meat leaving me with a satisfied stomach.

During the dinner, we had a few talks about our plans when we would be in Rhode Island and got to know each other better.  We figured out that while we were to stay in the Brown dorms that weren't exactly the best according to Don, Ms. Scott would stay in a lavish hotel room.  Also, we got to know more about each other's schools, such as the block system in Richmond High in comparison to the block system in El Cerrito. Comparing the scheduling in the two schools to Hercules' standard seven period system, it seems a lot less strenuous allowing students to focus more on less topics rather than focusing less over more topics.

Overall, the dinner was a nice break from my regular schedule of school, badminton, and study.  It really helped me take a few breaths to get ready for the upcoming tests. Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of my food and the cohort throughout the meeting, so this blog will be a bit more bland.  Also, our cohort was trying to decide whether or not we were supposed to blog that same night and ended up forgetting to ask our great, guiding Don about it, leading for our first taste of Evil Don.  Thankfully he was kind enough to not completely take away our scholarships and give us a second chance.  Now I'm late to posting this blog, almost forgetting about it thanks to the excitement of the badminton game of the season and getting caught up in my studying, so hopefully Don will have mercy. I'm looking forward to meeting with the cohort more and getting to know them and becoming a bit more casual, as I still feel some distance between all of us which will surely go away eventually. 


  1. Never let it be said that Don is not merciful.

    And before you lose any sleep over not having posted any photos of your dinner, let me tell you that had I seen any photos of your Chevy’s dinner I’m afraid that my jealousy might get the best of me. I LOVE Chevy’s and long for a platter right now.

  2. Brandon, I am glad you enjoyed Chevy's and their famous fajitas. I, too, wonder about the high school block system and if it would ever work at Hercules High. Can you imagine spending almost three hours in French III on a daily basis?