Thursday, May 1, 2014

Reunited Through Food

It was a surprising mildly hot evening on Monday, April 28th. The Brown-I cohort and I were to have a time and place to accomplish our cohort's bonding time and, thanks to our lovely chaperone, Ms. Scott, the cohort and I met up at Chevy's! It was exciting to know that we were all one step further in the Ivy League Connection program by being able to further connect with one another, let alone the fact that it was both at Chevy's and that the food was at no cost (at least for the attendees...) made it even more exceptional!

Of course, Ms. Scott was a step ahead of us all, as she was the first to arrive, shortly followed by the other cohort members and myself. After we all showed up, I met Jack, the only cohort member I hadn't met prior to our Chevy's gathering, and subsequently, we all came out of our shells and got on to talking. Though initially awkward, the group and I were able to create a steady conversation. With the aid of Ms. Scott, we were all less tense and learned about each other. With the conversion underway, the waitress handed our menus and we all quickly changed our minds from talk to food. It took quite a while for us to say a word, let alone make up our minds on what to order. Everything on the menu was so luring, but as time ticked, we were able to come to our individual conclusions and finally ordered our meals. Jing and I happened to start off with the tortilla soup, which packed a spicy surprise! Coming to the rescue, though, came the main dishes. A mix of fajitas and flautas arrived at our table, just in time for our excited taste buds and empty stomachs. If it wasn't already nice enough to meet at Chevy's, then it's safe to say that being first-timers made it that much better! At that point, the fading talk had transitioned into savory moments.

Throughout the course of the dinner, we were able to slip in more conversations. By the end of it, however, it was evident that we were all too full to even think about talking. The sun began to simmer down all the exciting vibes that initially overflowed the cohort and I. The dinner had slowly come to an end, but new connections that are are sure to lead to a great summer had just formed! All in all, it was pleasant meeting up with everyone and now, I look forward to our summer adventure even more!


  1. Good food and good company--sounds like a nice way to spend the evening.

  2. Arnold, it was a pleasure meeting you. I, too, am looking forward to the upcoming summer adventure!

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