Thursday, May 1, 2014

Through The Stomach & Straight to The Heart

I played 18-holes instead of going to school on April 28th but that's not what made it such a good day. It was what came later in the afternoon: The ILC Brown-I Cohort Dinner. Ever since Ms. Scott, our chaperone, had sent us an e-mail outlining the event I had been excited. This was partially due to the fact that Ms. Scott had chosen Chevy's as the place to dine, which I hadn't been to before, but mainly due to the fact that I would finally get to meet all of my fellow students and future friends. Well I can't really say future because after that dinner I'm sure that we now are.

I arrived a bit late due to a small mix-up between my mom and I about the correct Chevy's to go to. Despite this my members assured me that I hadn't caused too many problems with my tardiness. I got settled into my seat (unfortunately the only one out of the booth) but I then started to meet my fellow ILCers. Arnold was the first I shook hands with, strong and firm, which may have been one of the reasons I was so surprised when he told me that he was a sophomore. Yet this shouldn't have been surprising to me because all of my fellow cohorts are incredibly intelligent and composed, giving them each a sense of superiority over me, as I have yet to mature to this level. Hopefully this program will help with that. But I know what you're thinking right now, enough with the people! On to the food!

Well the food was especially good. For being a Mexican chain I was delightedly surprised when I saw and then tasted my Mixed Grill Fajitas, which was a mix of Shrimp, carne Asada, carnitas, pollo asado, pinto beans, and rice. Brandon must have had the same thoughts as I because he decided on the same thing while Ms. Scott and Jing had the Shrimp Fajitas and Arnold took the crispy-golden Flautas. Everything was superb, especially when eaten with some of Chevy's home-made tortillas. All to be washed down with a tall glass of Raspberry Iced-Tea. Yum!

We didn't necessarily talk much while we were eating but in between the few breaths the human body requires us to take to stay alive we did exchange some words. At first we were all hilariously shy but that soon ended with the help of Ms. Scott and some well placed questions. AP tests, food, sports, Brown courses, and more food were the main topics of conversation. It was a great time meeting everyone and though I do feel bad about making Kevin feel the way he does now I do feel that it was a great loss not to have him there. Fortunately for Kevin we'll all have plenty of time to spend together so there's no need apologies. So much was shared with one another at this dinner and I can't wait to know everyone even better as the year continues.

Jusqu'a la prochaine fois!


  1. I swear, Jack, that you all ought to write for some food magazine the way you all go on and on about your dinner. Surely you must have discussed things, though. I mean, wasn't this the purpose of the meet and greet?

  2. Jusqu'a la prochaine fois, Jack!

    I secretly wish that Blogger allowed for accent marks.