Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An Inpsiring School Board Meeting

Today was tiring yet exciting. I started my day with my last AP test, AP United States History, which I felt completely relieved after taking it. Besides feeling relieved about finishing all the AP tests, I felt more excited about the School Board Meeting, which was one of the milestone event in the ILC program.

In order to look fabulous in the meeting, I took out all of my available clothes yesterday just to find one appropriate and elegant outfit. This afternoon, I also spent half an hour trying to figure out what kind of hairstyle I wanted to have. But, at last, I still had my normal hairstyle.

I did not count the parking time as a part of my traveling time, so when I was out of my car it was exactly six o'clock. I ran into the meeting hall with my too-big heels, which was a really bad experience that I did not want anymore. I was glad that I made it on time. Seeing so many ILCers and their families, chaperons, and of course, Don, I felt that I was a part of a big family with many wonderful people. After meeting with Brown -I cohort, we went to our seats, and the meeting began. 

The meeting began with Pledge of Legend and two speeches from two successful ILC alumni. After listening to their speeches, I further believed that this program was really a precious opportunity for all students because it would give us experiences and knowledge beyond our imagination and expectation,which made me more grateful to all the people who supported us and helped us and more excited to the upcoming learning trip. 

Our Brown-I cohort was the first to go up. Our chaperon, Ms. Scott, did an introduction to the upcoming trip, introduced the courses that we would be taking in Brown, and introduced us one by one. After that, Jack made a speech representing the cohort's gratitude toward the ILC and aspiration of learning new knowledge, meeting people all over the world, and improving the community using these experiences. Standing up there and thinking about I was recorded and would be broadcasted on local news, I was nervous and did not know where to look at. I was glad that everything went well, and I wondered when could I see the broadcast.
Brown-I Cohort Listening to Ms.Scott's Introduction

Me Holding My Certificate
The followings were cohorts that would be going to different schools and different programs. All representative speakers expressed their gratitude and their excitement toward the upcoming trip. I think I am not the only one who is so excited! We also met the benefactors and gave them a big round of applause. Thank you!

At last, the climax of the meeting-taking the big group picture! With all participants, chaperons, and family members, the group of people was really big. All people followed Don's instruction and found their positions. Still, some people moved when they were not supposed to, so we all could see Don walking from side to side and instructing people to get into the right place. As a result, the picture taking time was long, and my legs were sour because I had to tiptoe for the whole picture-taking period so my face would not be hidden behind. We all cheered after the picture-taking was over.

Today was a significant event because I was able to meet all the ILCers,  most School Board people, as well as the benefactors who provided the money for us to have this opportunity. Now, I am tired yet thankful to all the support and help and excited for all the upcoming events and experiences. The fancy dinner is tomorrow at One Market in San Francisco; I am excited already.

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  1. Jing, you looked elegant and perfectly appropriate for this honorable occasion. Speaking of uncomfortable heels, comfortable shoes for us ladies are a 'must-have' while in Providence and during our campus visits. I need to find myself a pair of these as soon as possible!