Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Relaxed, Yet Inderelict Sunday

I woke up at 12 today! What a shocker! What is up with all the others having extremely similar titles? I beg and plead to not conform and to be a bit different so that a different perspective is shown. After waking up at 12 and having my roommate say, "Ayyyyy. He's up," as a person who gets up much later than I do, you can tell that a great day was to start. After going down and exploring the arts and jewelry at last (forgot to bring my camera, sorry about that!) I went back up and went to the Arnold Lounge to start on some work.

And this work was quite substantial. I went to the quietest and least populated place that I could do some work on the PowerPoint that is a bit of a challenge in getting the other two members I am working with to keep in contact with. The PowerPoint will be about income and corporate tax rates where different rates and situations will be compared as to compare national policies, mathematical models like the Laffer Curve, and impacts and further solutions to be taken. These are the three general components which will supposedly be given to each person. I also caught up on a great deal of reading in my textbook written by Krugman and his wife, Robin Wells. A more mathematical book based on the various histories and cool quirks and ideas of statistics is written in a rather fun way to promote increased, broad readership is by Bernstein. The book is called Against The Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk and it also goes into depth about mystical and cultural qualities of destiny and fate as well as many societal and psychological applications. At first glance, it doesn't seem too apparent that it appear to be anything much like economics until late on in the book when elements from Baye's Theorem and Nash's game theory are to be cherished with much reverence and awe with a light deal of criticism and inquiry (in a theoretical sense for testing and proving theorems).

Providence's Arts District. Nice and impressive for such a rather quiet city!
After that economics work which actually wasn't do bad when you got down to business (cliches are just so much more ubiquitous late at night), it was time to do some planning work for how to make the most out of the time I have here. As you may have read in my earlier blog, I don't think I have done enough here to get the maximum amount of experience for my buck, but again I do not to put my well-being and my sanity in jeopardy. I hope all my plans will provide a prefect equilibrium to produce a beneficial last week in Providence. By also working on college apps (can't believe it is the real deal!) as well as organizing the rest of my summer and school year, I can see all the time I have spent at Brown as well as my enitre life flash by so quickly through peaks and valleys and through breezy and stifling areas. I wish that I will be able to make this more meaningful to appreciate the general scope of matters by meeting so many extraordinary people from a variety of backgrounds and opinions to noticing that I should pay attention to people less fortunate who I have encountered either on the street or my people I know more and to not feel so selfish by being worked up in personal matters by being disappointed in not being as productive or by not earning top marks.

On a less corny note, I later decided I needed something to eat so I headed over to the Ratty to get some food where the food is usually at its maximum in terms of quality. I sat with my friend from Florida and ate with her friends and later conversed with two RA's at Brown. We had a great discussion about many different matters and also how he doesn't worship or venerate Brown but acknowledges how it is possible to get a skill set at many different schools, including ones which aren't "prestigious." It was inspiring to talk and to feel confident as I acknowledge that there really isn't anything I can do now but to fully sell myself like I am selling my best friend to the best of my ability and to be genuine and honest. As to other components which are more statistical like GPA and standardized tests but he said the big picture is to develop and to understand yourself so that you can present yourself holistically with confidence and faith in how honest you are and what you can contribute or impact others and how passionate and caring you are as well. Cheers to a new week of adventure, appreciation, and a successful end to my class and everything else at Brown! I vow to never forget this and to remember and to invigorate what I have experienced. I can't see myself changing as a person but hopefully I'll be a bit reminiscent at the end. Or maybe the change has been so large it is like second-nature to me. Who knows but also what can we do to assess that minutely? I guess the epiphany or random realization will come later on.

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