Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Exploring, Running, and Al Forno's With a Dance Afterwards!

Waking up to make further advancements on my project was interesting as apparently my group member's father thought that I was rather ambitious to explain and to introduce the Laffer Curve. I didn't think it was particularly hard, but intriguing and applicable to understand. This may be because I am not planning to venture very far into the topic due to a time limit as well as recommendations to end up confusing others. Here's to a great project and a final exam as well as me and others getting the most out of the program. I have only had a few of these extremely jam-packed activities so far away from home and to finally accomplish that for such a long period of time with an extremely laissez-faire structure (unlike debate camp or music tours) was absolutely amazing to experience and I ultimately thank ILC and so many others for the opportunities given to so many deserving students over the years! From Dartmouth to programs at six schools is really no small feat!

Onwards to the recap of the day (listening to Brahms led me to march into this paragraph with ease), it began with some reading and also a bit of a trip to some of the sites that I haven't seen in the Providence East Side Guide. These places included the Aetheaneum, Providence County's Supreme Court (considered one of the most ornate in the country beyond The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations) as well as the John Brown House! I went by the John Brown House before but only at a glance rather than exploring the grounds. Unfortunately, the tours of the historical site begins at 1 so I would have to go over there in the afternoon if I wanted to take an inside tour. I actually regret not having taken many inside tours but sometimes a lack of structure adds more charm and learning to the experience. Increased spontaneity is never bad for a trip like this right? Visiting the Supreme Court and Court House was by far the most out of place out of the three places that I checked out with court proceedings being in session as well as nervous and serious persons having to do with court cases waiting outside. Even though there were many law students being interviewed for the bar exam, the sheriff gave a bit of an informal tour (awesome as it is more carefree and self-catering) where I got a pretty long glimpse of one of the most gorgeous rooms I have ever been in! Going around an speaking with the sheriff was quite fun! After that led me to go over to the Atheneaum where it was really cool to see private libraries still in use (go private sector!) and also being preserved. Some of the areas with its good array of books of various topics with many areas to retreat and to even conceal in nooks and crannies makes me well at my ideal of frame of mind-that of total curiosity, immersion, and fulfillment. Many libraries accomplish this for me but maybe the old, quaint architecture took it to a further level!

I then headed back early to read the recent chapter discussed in class yesterday with much care, as suggested by Desi. I am actually most concerned, not worried, about the mock AP Macro exam! We also did some problem solving regarding fiscal policy which was the main focus for the content today in lecture. I asked a question on how people either advocate for decreased taxes and spending or increased taxes and spending when we learn in class that the two have not increase of decrease simultaneously and it depends what is going on in terms of a contracting or inflating situation. Desi replied that many people are rather oblivious to common sense of actual economic theory and tend to want too much of the share of the pie, making me reflect on how politics can skew matters for widespread belief in something which isn't feasible and is probably contradictory to other things in which they believe in. After some more project work, class concluded.

I later went into downtown to meet with my friend whom I have met a LGBTQ activist camp, Jennifer, as she is officially from Providence and graduated from Brandeis just this year. We talked about so many local things to do in Providence as well as social and racial issues in the city as well as differences of Providence to different places. The rather short conversation at The Small Point Cafe in the Arts District over coffee and confectioneries was extremely lively and intimate where I have to be sure to try some of the recommendations that she suggested. She said that Providence has really changed in which a more quirky, hipster flavour was integrating into the city as well as Brown/RISD students who are being more active in collaborating with the city, where Brown seems to be more "behind the scenes" as students tend to me involved in policy based on what she said. I really hope I could see her again as it would be awesome to visit again and explain more of what I haven't seen. Talking about how there is unfortunately a lot of segregation and clusters within the city but to see a culinary and cultural scene flourish because of those barriers leads to the vitality and the flavour of this city. Hopefully a balance can be achieved.

Getting a text from my dad about a transaction that needed to be done whilst listening to the World Cup as well as the goals that Germany just keeps hammering led me to run to receive the transaction. Unfortunately, there was some confusion over the confirmation code and since no RIPTA was around, I essentially had to run from Downtown up to the Mart (where I got a little lost) which was around a half a mile, run back with a heavy backpack for a mile, go to my dorm to change and store my stuff in a safe place, run down the hill and turned right which was the wrong direction for about a quarter of a mile, go in the other direction towards the bridge for around a mile all in the scorching heat and humidity. Luckily, I didn't pass out! But I got there and enjoyed a nice, pleasant and final dinner with the cohort. After eating succulent sea bass, a pican tart with chocolate, and free-form calamari pizza, and many more dishes, I felt so stuffed! Not it is time to buckle down and have everything go well for the presentation and test as well as my whole experience. I regret to say that there really isn't much time left... Oh well, it can't be helped as said as a common expression as Shou ga nai in Japanese.

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