Saturday, July 5, 2014

Hurricane (Barely Was One) Frisbee, Running, Art, and Burgers. Oh Yeah, Don't Forget About 'Murica!

This will be nice and short, I promise. I honestly will say that I stress and spend a lot of time to make these blogs extremely productive but because of my stupid floormates who wanted to use my computer after trying to get it back, I could only draft what I wanted to say to you all. Nevertheless, it was my first time to experience a hurricane (we were lucky to receive the very tail end of the system, even though I wanted more action) as well as to celebrate the Fourth without fireworks. Ok, I saw some unsanctioned and unofficial ones but still.

Waking up to run on down to explore the arts district (after the thunderstorm stage) after frantically trying to find a lace to load my Bear Bucks card having to do laundry was worth getting soaked. I wanted a chance to see what the area was like and I believe that the originality and the quaint nature of the district can rival many locations across America, even that of San Francisco. The City of Providence has lamppost signs which promote the Rhode Island capital as the "The Creative Capital" and to understand that even a bit better made me feel that I got the most out of this trip. I need to meet the professors and faculty I need, go to the music buildings, explore more of campus and Providence, as well as to participate even more in meeting new people and to pinpoint what I want to do so that I can do enough before that 1:00 flight to Midway.

My RA suggested the idea of doing ultimate frisbee in the beginning of the storm (like 2:30ish) and honestly, that idea was amazing. Although most of the sore areas of the body have disappeared except for one of my left toes, the whole experience of playing with my floormates and their friends that joined later on made me feel satisfied. I must surely be freaking out a good amount of my folks back home but I highly suggest doing it. The hurricane was barely Category One and it really didn't hit Providence, although it did cause some flooding and slight havoc to coastal areas like Nantucket and Cape Cod. Not as bad as the Carolinas though and I hope that less inconvenience to caused to those in Northern New England and Maritime Canada. The game was just incredibly fun where sliding on the mud and the grass was more favoured and seen as an aspiration versus catching the frisbee. The competitive, yet friendly atmosphere lingered and because Adam and a friend named Shelley have played ultimate frisbee competitively before, they were obviously quite competent and were helpful to others. It was great to play such a sport in such amazing weather as it reminded me of my mentality where I was to have fun and to get dirty but making the most of what I have! All barefoot, and most people had their shirts off or had bikinis on. Some nuts even walked back barefoot where many people on the street (there weren't too many) didn't seem to bother. That moment will definitely be savored where I was so close to scoring when my teammate ran into me as well as the chant before scoring the two winning goals. I am feeling upset that that was over!

Not to worry as I got ready to meet Alana and Jing for a good, wholesome meal after all these ridiculously opulent and rich feasts that I have divulged on. The combination of the pulled pork with cheese and beef as well as a little too many fries with appetizers of chili fries and buffalo wings with a nice, creamy shake to wash all the food down with just hit the spot for just really down-to-earth food at such a great price! I have never seen prices like that in the Bay Area although it is a bit more expensive than Idaho or Nevada for example. We all took the fries home and it really led us to touch base on catching up and having a great time. Also, a great way to celebrate America's birthday after all the precipitation dampened the festivities and the vibrant patriotism that is intrinsic to Providence due to its location in New England. I later walked down with Jing to decide on whether I should see my first rated R movie as I am 17 at the Cable Car Cinema or the AS220 for a hilarious comedy show. Jing and I argued about what is actually realistic and since the movie and activities would be around two hours, it would be cutting it close for curfew. Thus, I decided against it, walked up the hill, hung out with some visiting friends and significant others of people on our floor and went straight to bed for a nap. Guess I shouldn't have got up and have done more work as I worry I won't have enough sleep for Newport!

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  1. Kevin, I really appreciate Providence's art scene, as well, with its museums and prevalent live music. The frisbee game in the rain sounded fabulous, a quintessential 'college' moment. I will fondly remember eating sliders and you explaining the 'Bachelor' tv premise to Jing. Enjoy this last week.