Monday, July 7, 2014

From Blood to Galaxy

We used our own DNA today in our lab! At eight in the morning, the whole class had to be at the lab for blood drawing. It sounded scary right? Not really. It only hurt a little, but I have a bruise right now. We extracted the DNA-containing part (white blood cells), precipitated the DNA, and finally stored the our own DNA. At the same time, we multitasked on purifying the genetic information from the samples we grew last week. During the two processes, there were many pipetting, centrifuging, cooling, and mixing. In other words, they were complicated processes. But, the results were astonishing. I was able to see my own DNA! I saw two sets of DNA formed; each of them was white, thin, long, and curled. Because of these complications, I got out of the class 45 minutes later, but this class was still really fun.

The Front Gate
In the afternoon, I decided to explore Providence. My Monday trip was to the Roger Williams Park. It was the first time for me to be alone on a RIPTA bus. I first took number one bus to Kennedy Plaza, and then switched to number twenty and arrived at the Roger Williams Park. On the way to my destination, I was scared that I would miss the stop, so I kept looking at the scenes outside the window. Maybe because the park was a big stop, the bus announced that we had arrived. I rang the bell, which I originally did not know how to but learn it after seeing other people did it, and my anxiousness disappeared. Welcoming me to the park were the bright sun and a gate with the words, Roger Williams Park.

Lake and Plants
When I walked, all I saw was trees and grass, but I really enjoyed the feeling of nature. I kept walking and saw a statue of Roger Williams standing, and then two lakes went into my view. That was beautiful! I took several pictures and walked leisurely, and suddenly remembered that I still had to go the Museum of Natural History, which closed at four o'clock. I walked, walked, and walked, but I just could not find the place. I asked a lady in the park, and I realized I was heading the wrong direction. I headed back and finally arrived at the museum.

Museum of Natural History
Although the exhibitions were not as interesting as other ones in the mainstream museums, they were good enough. There were four main sections: Africa, Comet Tales, Dynamic Galaxies, and Museum's Victorian Past to the Present. From these four exhibitions, I was able to explore what I did no know before. I was first exposed to some major cultures in Africa, and they all have significantly different characteristics and culture that make them precious cultures to be preserved. I realized that comets are made of ice and rocks, and that they were seen as symbols of death and destruction in the past European societies. I also saw many specimen of birds, antelopes, tigers, bears, and leopard, etc., and real honey bees moving around in a closed hive. That was amazing because many people are afraid of bees, but when I was watching at those bees so closely, I realized that they were actually really cute. At last, I explored the galaxies, which were categorized into spiral, elliptical, and irregular. I saw videos on how they collide, interact, form, and exercise. I left the museum with new knowledge, and I was happy about that.

One Part of the Exhibition

Providence Public Library
I followed one of the lake and walked almost half of the park. Although it was hot, and water and trees made me feel refreshing. I finished my tour at the park, and I took number twenty bus back to Kennedy Plaza. Next destination was Providence Public Library. At first, I was a little bit lost; I could not find my way to the library. Fortunately, I still had my Google Map on my iPod, which I could follow. This library was bigger than the Hercules City Library, and there was a history about the library. Due to time reason, I was not able to discover the library thoroughly, but I recorded some book names from the new book shelf, which I want to read later (mostly fictions).

I took the bus with the opposite direction, so I spent on the bus for one hour instead of ten minutes. I took number 92 last Friday to go back from the mall. It worked, so I though I could just get on bus 92. Unfortunately, the bus I took today was going the opposite direction. When I saw the bus was farther and farther away, I knew I did something wrong. I did not panic; instead I looked outside the window. The bus passed through the Federal Hill, Dunkin Donuts Center, and finally Rhode Island College. These were places that I was not planning on going, but due to the mistake, I was able to see them. Was this fortunate or unfortunate? I really do not know.

After dinner, Amulia and I went on Thayer Street and did some shopping. She got two new shirts and a new pair of shoes, and I got nothing. I took a shower and did my laundry as soon as a got back to dorm because we could not be on a different floor after eleven, and one full cycle of laundry (wash+dry) was almost two hours. While waiting, my cluster did a spa night, which we put on masks and help each other do nails. I did the mask part, but not the nail part. I did not think that my skin got better.

Tomorrow will be the day meeting Ms. Scott and the last meal with the cohort. Am I ready for this end?

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  1. Jing, was this the park you pass on the right when going to Newport? Good for you- it looks beautiful! Great pictures.