Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Journey to the Glided Age

New Port, I am coming!

Today was the day after the Independence Day, and it was also the day which we had a trip to New Port, Rhode Island. Before I went on the trip, I already knew that I would be visiting the great mansions because of the research I already did before we came. When I was searching up for things to do the Rhode Island, the Breakers popped on the screen, and I was totally attracted by its pictures for both the outside view and the inside view.

The Gate of the Breakers
When we got out of the charter bus and went to the visitor center, my first question I asked the people working there was, " How do we get to the mansions?" I knew that many people were interested in going to the beach or the shopping mall, but I just wanted to go the the mansions. We took the 67 bus and arrived at the Breakers, the great mansion built by the Vanderbilt family in the 19th century and one of the most significant representation of the Glided Age in the American society.  As soon as I saw the the gate and the standing mansion, I jaw dropped. It was spectacular. The mansion had three stories, and the outside was decorated with fine carved patterns. I was planning on taking many pictures in the mansion, but the sign at the entrance showed that "no photography." I was disappoint about that fact. Well, I had to memorize all the scenes in my mind then.

The Front View of the Breakers
When we first walked in, they gave us an individual machine the audio tour, which I thought was really convenient and informative. The first room that was welcoming us was the Great Hall. It was great, and the decorations were amazing. The whole building was built in the Italian Renaissance style, and decorations with dolphins, angels, and acorns were repeated throughout the building because dolphins were the symbol of breath of love and the acorns were the symbol of the Vanderbilt family. The whole mansion had 70 rooms, including sitting room, game room, bedrooms, dining rooms, dressing rooms, ball rooms, libraries, and music rooms, which every room had its own distinct design. Walking through only some of the rooms, I already felt overwhelmed by the splendor and wealth. The view looking toward the Atlantic was also astonishing. The combination of blue and endless ocean, green grass, and the clear blue sky was one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in my life so far. I stood there for almost ten minutes just to enjoy the beauty.
The Ocean View from the Breakers

The Rosecliff Mansion
We continued our mansion tour to the Rosecliff Mansion. This mansion was built by Tessie Oelrichs, and later owned by the Monroe family. Compared to the Breakers, this mansion was smaller. Another difference was that this mansion was mostly used for entertainment. We also went through the audio tour and discovered the history during the Glided Age. As I soon entered the mansion, I saw the grand staircase, which was designed for women to walk down elegantly in parties. The following was a grand ball room. The ceiling was decorated with carving of roses, angels, and beasts, and also was painted like an open-sky, which created the feeling that they were dancing under open sky.

The Atlantic Ocean
With the time limit, we had to rush. We walked on the Cliff Walk, where we got close with the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline was simply gorgeous. The ocean water collided with the rocks and created the splash; both the scene and the sound were refreshing. As I walked, I took numerous pictures just to document the beauty. I also touched the ocean water; I touched the Atlantic Ocean! When I looked at my watch, it was already three thirty, which meant that we only had fifteen minutes to get back to the gathering place. We walked faster and faster, and at last we started to run. We made it, but I was not able to visit International Tennis Hall of Fame & Museum. Next time I visit New Port, I will definitely go.

The Night View from Indian Point Park
My schedule did not end here. I went to the postponed firework and Indian Point Part with Amulia, Brandon, Arnold, Ivy, and Liana. We went there at seventy thirty for the orchestra. It was finally nine fifteen. The firework started. I decided to record it, but my arms got sour half way through. I put down my camera and just concentrated on the firework itself. Throughout the show, I smiled. Although it was not the first time I watched firework, watching with friends and at a different place made me feel especially happy. I really had a great time. Happy Birthday to the United States again!

Tomorrow we are going to the outlet; my last shopping trip in the East Coast. I hope I will find something for my family.

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