Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Final Weekend

A weekend of partying, shopping, exploring, and bonding.  This weekend was the last weekend for our time here at Brown since we're leaving on Saturday.  Everything is quite bittersweet, this being our last week of Brown.  I'm excited to go home and see everyone again, but at the same time I can't help but not want to leave this beautiful campus filled with beautiful people.

Today I went to the Wrentham Outlets in Massachusetts as part of a scheduled trip for the programs here. I planned the trip with an intent to buy at least one outfit and at least one souvenir to bring back.  I expected to spend at least $50 since good jeans and a nice shirt are hard to come by for a low price.  Fortunately for me, I managed to snag a student discount after a 25% off on a really nice pair of black jeans at Rue 21.  I also got a v-neck from Banana Republic for 50% off, adding up to a total of only 18 dollars, 9 for the shirt and 9 for the jeans.  Another $10 was added to that with a souvenir, but I won't say who it's for or what it is in case the recipient is reading this blog.

We came back at about 3 or 4 PM left with a free day for the rest of our time up until curfew.  I didn't do much until 5:30 when Arnold called me up for dinner.  We encountered Amulia and Jing at the V Dub and decided to walk around Thayer for some window shopping.  The four of us (with the exception of Arnold) came out empty handed and hung out at Starbucks for about half an hour afterward.

Back at the dorms, I decided to hang out with my cluster mate, Alex.  We started a game of cards when multiple people passed by the door and began to join in.  Before we knew it, we had a group of 10 playing cards up until curfew.  We all bonded over the game and as I type this blog, they are still playing.  Tomorrow is our long-awaited blood draw lab where we use our own blood for experimenting.  Hopefully I won't be too tired after the draw, even though the amount being taken is minimal.

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