Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Start of the Second Half

I was awaken by the noise at five in the morning again. I still did not figure where did the noise come from. I hope it will not happen again tomorrow.

Today was officially the start of the second half of the program, and was also the second day of the lab, and we were finally mixing the cells and DNA together. In today's lab, mixed three kinds of genetic information with cells we prepared yesterday, and spread the mixture on nine respective plates. In the process, in order to keep the sterile condition of the lab, we placed the spreader into 95 percent ethanol and placed it on fire and let it burn. We had to do this every time we spread different mixtures on different plates. That was fun, and we could finally see our bacteria tomorrow.

After lunch, I went to the science library to meet with Jody. Since our gene therapy research is due next Friday, I realized that I should ask her my questions about the assignment now, so I can start it right away. I am doing my gene therapy assignment on Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disease causes thick, sticky mucus to build up in the lungs, digestive tract, and other areas of the body. I asked her about what she is expecting to see in the paper, and what are some of the other requirements for the paper. After a hour, my questions were all solved, and I am ready to start my final paper.

One of the Students' Work-The Construction of Intimacy
My next stop was the RISD museum. Although I already went there once on Sunday, I decided to go there again because I was not able to go over every exhibitions that day, and I realized that the museum was such an interesting place. I started my tour from the second floor, the floor with RISD students' work. There were only two words to describe their work: creative and amazing. Each work was presented with deep thoughts and fine techniques. I spent almost forty-five minutes just in that room because the work was just too amazing. I believe that all these students are and will be successful artists or designers that make our world more beautiful than it already is.


Then, I continued my tour of the modern art. I discovered a corner that I did not see last time. In the room, there were many pieces of huge paints. They all have a common point: the shades and shapes was simple, but there are deeper meanings behind the simplicity. One of the pieces was "Untitled" by Mark Rothko, an American artist. In the piece, there was no clear narrative content, but the shades help him express his interests in showing "big emotions-tragedy, ecstasy, doom" (Rothko). I went to the top floor after.

This floor exhibits objects from ancient civilizations, such as the Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese civilizations. There were Buddhas, ancient clothes for Chinese emperors, porcelain from each civilization, and many other historical relics. Looking at these relics, I felt I could visualize little parts of the ancient history, and that feeling was amazing. I kept going around, and I found a secret garden called the Radeke Garden. Although it was small, it brought nature in human civilization, and that was really relaxing. I also found a part of the museum showing American living style in the 18th and 19 century. The decorations were definitely different from those in the modern American houses. I walked around and thought, "Do I want to stay in this kind of house?" My final answer was "Maybe not."

Radeke Garden
Leaving the AC in the museum was a painful decision. As soon as I walked outside, the heat ran throughout my body and the sun just splashed on my skin. My first instinct was "find shade!" This morning I heard Heidi said that John Hay Library was fabulous, so I decided to do there. But, when I arrived, I found out that it was not opened in summer. Then, I went to the library across the street, Rockefeller Library. When I felt the AC again, I smiled. I went from the lobby to second and until the fourth floor. I found an interesting book on the fourth floor, An History of Food. Isn't the book title interesting? I took the book and sat down at a studying table. One thing I learned was that bean symbolized both death and blessing in Greek and Roman civilization. That was definitely new knowledge for me.

Finding the Right College
I was finally back to my dorm, but suddenly, my phone rang. I was again out with Brandon and Arnold to eat dinner. After dinner, I finally was able to sit in front of my computer and relax. A hour later, I attended the session called "Finding the Right College," spoken by Natasha Go, assistant director of admission at Brown University. She went to the basic rules for college selection, and I suddenly felt that this was urgent. I am already a senior. That is a fact. I am panic right now; what should I do, I only have three months left?

I walked out the hall and back to my dorm. My anxiousness was released a little bit after I talked to my mom. Now, I am typing my blog realizing that ILC did allow me to see more schools and opportunities outside of California. Since I have more opportunities than others, I should not be that anxious right? I will just do my best and see what will happen.

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