Thursday, July 3, 2014

Last Formal Dinner Into the First Party

Today was a hot pot of a bunch of things, starting with an extremely humid day and the start of the conclusion to our lab in class.  The day was average until everyone got an email notification about tomorrow's Scarborough Beach trip.  All plans for tomorrow are cancelled, including the India Point Park fireworks.  Hurricane Arthur is going to be passing by adjacent to Rhode Island and it's going to be storming, so this is probably the safest choice of action.   I was looking forward to going to the beach with everyone and watching the fireworks with an orchestra playing, but I guess this leaves my schedule open for the cohort and allows me to sleep in as well.

After the notification, I began to prepare for tonight's dinner.  I picked out my outfit and steam ironed my shirt. I ironed the shirt well, but I unfortunately burned my arm in the process. I was shifting my shirt when my forearm accidentally tapped the iron and left a 3 cm streak on my right arm.  It doesn't hurt anymore, thankfully, but the burn is really noticeable.  At 6, I met with the cohort and began our 10 minute trek down to Capital Grille where we would be having our dinner with administrators and students from Brown.

At the restaurant, we placed ourselves strategically around the table as usual to ensure that everyone is talking to each other.  I sat next to an alum named Guy, a current student by the name of Evelyn, and in front of the admissions officer for Brown, Mercedes.  I was really lucky to be seated next to who I was seated with, as I got a lot of questions answered and many points of interest covered.  Guy is an electrical and biomed engineering major, perfect for my exploration of the different types of engineering fields.  I learned about the electrical engineering field especially and how some software is incorporated into the field.  With Mercedes, I learned things about the admissions process, particularly on whether or not to keep contact with admissions officers.  She emphasized the fact that whether or not emailing admissions officers is a good idea depends on the application statistics and culture of each school.  Admissions officers have hundreds of emails to go through every day from students and have to read thousands of essays, so more than likely they're not going to want to keep a prolonged conversation with students, as expected.  Although admissions officers are busy, they probably don't want to ignore students and I'm sure they would love to talk with them if they had more availability.

For dinner itself,  we started with an array of seafoods including but not limited to lobster, lobster crab cakes, filet mignon tar tar, crab, and calamari.  I had a lobster bisque and filet oscar for my entrees, and finished with homemade ice cream and a biscotti for dessert.  The seafoods were delectable and the entrees were simply amazing.  The bisque was rich with a perfect amount of lobster, but the oscar was a bit on the tough side for me.  Dessert was a bit underwhelming, but all in all the meal was great.  We then all said goodbye to each other and began to head back to our dorms.

I came back to the dorms looking for a small birthday party for my cluster-mate, Greg, on the fourth floor of my building.  Instead, what I found was a full-blown party with a DJ and all.  I hung out with some members from my cluster for a bit until another cluster-mate, Alex (there are three different Alex's on my floor by the way), and I decided the top floor was too hot and like a sauna, so we went back to his room to hang out for a bit.  We checked upstairs again but apparently the party was dispersed by the police because the fire safety capacity was exceeded as there were too many people in the building.  We then left to check in for the night and proceeded to talk with our RA for about another hour with a few others from our cluster.

Tomorrow is the first day I truly get to sleep in on this trip, although it's only possible because of the hurricane.  I don't know whether to be thankful for the opportunity to sleep in or to be sad that I lost an opportunity to go out.  Either way, I'm sure tomorrow will be either locked in my building or an exciting adventure in the rain.

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