Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Reluctant Joy? Mixed Emotions About The End Of This Experience

Today wrapped up our final chapter in Macroeconomics class. I'm sure there's so much more to learn but due to the hastened nature of this class I'll just have to be content with what we've learned so far. Monetary & Fiscal Policies, Supply & Demand, Real & Nominal GDP. These are only a few of the things that continue to rush through my brain as I try to prepare for AP Macro test we'll be given tomorrow. I don't really know what to think except that it all seems to be ending so quickly. The beginning of the summer@brown program seemed very spread out and evenly spaced but all of a sudden everything has been crammed into the space of a two day period. Basically I have to finish some homework, take an AP test, do a group project, and say goodbye to all the amazing friends that I've met over these three weeks... I'm sorry but I don't really know if that's even possible.

I'm sad to be leaving but at the same time I've been having some terrible homesickness that will be cured only once I get home. It may sound cheesy but the saying is totally true, "In the end you start to think about the beginning." Usually I don't have a very good memory but I can remember almost everything about my first few days at Brown, including minor details about every person I've met. I remember the icebreaker (a game to introduce everyone) that helped us to remember each other's names and all the adjectives that accompanied them. I remember meeting my roommate for the first time, having long talks in the lounges, going to Thayer St. for the first time, and even the questions about whether or not I surfed after telling the people I met I was from California. I could go on and on with this list and bore you to death I'm sure, so instead I'll just give you a quick recap of my day, explain the process for the next few days, and then wish you all a good night.

Studying. A primary activity now that takes up almost my entire day after class ends. Class ended at 3:35 PM today and once I got back to the dorm around 4 I studied until 7. Only then was I able to allow myself an hour break for dinner and relaxing before heading right back into it. Looking back on my notes and the slides that we go over in class I'm actually astounded at how much we've been able to cover in three weeks. A chapter a day and sometimes even more than that, all with classwork and class discussions integrated into the lesson. Study until I feel like writing my blog and then hopefully sleep after that. I've gotten through pretty much all of it and I still have time to go over it in the morning if I get up early enough, which I undoubtedly will. There's only one thing I have left to do before I go and that's take a picture of the entire city, at sunset, from Prospect Park. It was recommended to me by a photographer at the flea market and I have had yet to visit. I really hope I can go tomorrow but if push comes to shove I'll just go on Friday. With all that being said I think I should get my beauty sleep. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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