Friday, July 11, 2014

The Hardest Part is Finally Over... Or is it?

As I stated in yesterdays blogs my days have seemed to be filled to the brim with studying. Today was no exception to that rule, although it was the last day I would need to. After an uneventful morning of studying, napping, and Netflix it came time to go to class. I was really having mixed feelings at that point but I felt strong going in and didn't really think to worry about it. A quick lunch at the V-dub with my cluster mates, the short walk to Smith-Buannano Hall, and we were soon being passed the papers for the test.

Usually the AP Macroeconomics Test takes around 140 minutes or more but thankfully Desi decided to cut the test down a little bit for us. The multiple choice was only 13 questions for 15 minutes while the short answers remained at the standard 3 with 20 minutes for each. I wasn't expecting a terribly hard or easy test and what we got was right in the middle. The multiple choice seemed to give me the most trouble when compared to the short answers but I still think that I did well on both parts of the test. It was only until the very last problem of the short answers that I actually had a bit of trouble and had to break through the mental blockade protecting my own knowledge from myself.

After the test we were excused a bit earlier than normal, around 3 PM. Most of my other friends had gotten out even earlier due to a plethora of other reasons so I took a brisk walk back to the dorms to maximize my "fun'" time. In the end I decided to work on my group project for awhile and take a nap. They were both fun but the nap made me realize how much sleep I've actually lost on this trip. I've decided that I'm going to try as much as possible to sleep in tomorrow and then try and compare how I feel to any other day on this trip. I really hope that it works because I've fallen asleep multiple times alone just trying to write this blog post and I want that to stop.

Today was also the last full day that everyone is going to be here. Many people in our cluster are leaving right after class tomorrow, which only leaves Caleb, Hector, and myself. We decided to get a bit to eat after the college fair at a Korean restaurant on Thayer called Soban. It was delicious and I can honestly say that I'm going to miss all the great kinds of food that I've eaten over this trip. You all know that this trip was just for the food right? Brown was just kind of a side in the main course I've been so happily eating... If you couldn't tell that was sarcasm and I can't even begin to fathom leaving now. Three weeks ago if someone had said that I'd get attached and wouldn't want to come home I would have called BS but now I would completely agree with them. This is my home away from home and my cluster mates are my family now. I don't know how I'll be able to say goodbye tomorrow... Gotta get ready for the final day! Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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