Wednesday, July 9, 2014

This Blog is My Breather from Today and This Week as Endings Bring Hectic Circumstances

Well maybe the World Cup game of Netherlands versus Argentina as well. I was rather neutral as I know that both teams usually get very far in the tournament but end up getting eliminated toward the semifinals or finals. Same goes with Germany too. This game like may other games in the World Cup came down to penalty kicks and I guess Holland wasn't in the right frame of mind or that Argentina studied the Dutch penalty kick demeanours in close detail. Both were probably the case. It was still worth giving up some very precious time to study or to do some exploring around campus or the city as well, even though it was in a lounge on the top floor of Jameson. You know how heat rises! The crowd and the intensity was well worth it, even if others repeatedly complained about a nil score on both teams. I have to make up for the walking and the exercising I have lost though! As well as all the places I have yet to see!

Waking up, I went over to the John May Library for a change in environment for relief from my cramped, slightly smelly room with no AC to work on the project as well as to explore and sample through several of the documents in the library. I did a significant amount of work on research and readings, although I wish I could have spent more time on problems and actually constructing more of the presentation. I have a goal (and I am working on) finishing my last ever problem set before the final mock AP exam tomorrow as to be prepared adequately after a very quick course of only three weeks (I have only taken one other three-week course for credit which was more specialized). Like Jing, I also dropped by the Museum of Anthropology to check out many of the intriguing artifacts and documents that are held there after a bold suggestion by Sparkle, a national park ranger at the Roger Williams Memorial Park. I later took a tour of the campus from an official source where it was pretty much information that I have known except for many historical and traditional aspects that I do not know yet from such a rich and sophisticated identity that Brown holds.

Going to class and figuring that it is the last lecture made me nervous and a bit agonized simultaneously as I know it will be hard for me to get such a high level of instruction where a lecture feels so engaging and intimate, something which is hard to see at school, community college, or even at Berkeley from what I have experienced. Whizzing through chapters 14 and 15 as well as do some final problems signaled the beginning of the last two days which pinpoint the way to which we demonstrate our learning and to focus on the learning aspect without the grades was at fast saddening as I won;t be getting college credit but also helped me focus more on learning and less on grades to which the pedagogical process can be compromised.

After the game and the Ratty with its soccer debates, I rushed over to Kisa's event for all the PArtner Scholars. I was quite impressed to see the amount of students who attended. Although I really wished that there was more open discussion from the students about the topics regarding class, first-gen and minority identities, and other topics would occur, I felt like the students definitely had some conscious awareness which reflected how society has trained us to detect differences as well as understanding and going through reasons for attending college to experiences at Brown. I met two kids from the Chicago area and to also hear such inspiring stories from the three Brown students on flying back, going with a gut feeling, explaining and guiding your family through the college process, and flying back made me contemplate and even work harder. Although I have gotten advice which helpful and similar to what I have heard before, going over to the college admissions seminar after the event gave some different answers on AO's actually assigning points to filling quotas. Nevertheless, I will just be genuine, do the best I can, and see where I will end up. I promise to show the most accurate and honest window of who I am so that I can portray and sell myself, but I wonder how this can be included in such a short space. Selectivity is such a killer for me.

I then went back to observe the Main Green, to talk with floormates as they were enthusiastic about a birthday party and meeting others and going a bit farther with them for a short period of time, and the studied. After this blog, more studying and sleeping will occur and I really don't have anything else in mind. This is a priority...

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  1. Kevin - I don't understand why people complain about a 0-0 score in this World Cup series - it means that an even, entertaining match was played!

    It's clear that you really have gained a lot from the academic standpoint here at Brown, and I am thrilled that you found the professor and course stimulating and interesting.