Thursday, July 3, 2014

A Special Day Before the Fourth

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July, and today is the last school day of the week! I am really excited about the activities I plan to do for the next three days: New Port and the outlet.

Although starting tomorrow is the holiday, we still had to finish out work. Today was the third and also the last day of the lab. We finally got our results and were ready to view them under fluorescent light. When I took out my plates, I realized that my results were not ideal. There were supposed to be colonies on specific plates, but instead, I had colonies on the plates that were supposed to be no colonies. Maybe I did something wrong in the process. Fortunately, I did see a lot of glowing colonies under the ultraviolet light, and that was so cool. Next week, we will be identifying the type of plasmids in the cells by using restriction enzymes to cut the DNA into parts.

Since I had an easy afternoon, I went to shop at the Brown bookstore. I was looking for suitable gifts for people around me, and I saw this brown cup that I really liked. Unfortunately, most of the items were overpriced, so I still did not decide what to buy yet.

Filet Oscar
Finally, it was time to have dinner with the Brown people. I dressed up in a pink and white dress, and I tied my hair up. I hope I looked nice tonight. We had our dinner at The Capital Grill. Jack, Arnold, and I were the first the get there. We met Guy, a Brown alumnus, first. He was class of 1980. Then, current Brown students, including Richard, Lytisha, Guadalupe, Keben, and Evelyn, came in. We also met Mercedes, an admission officer at Brown. Lastly, we had Kisa, a leadership faculty at Brown University. I sat between Mercedes and Kisa, who both were amazed by my appetite. I talked with Mercedes on various topics, ranging from what to be aware on the college application to some personal interests, such as our exercising habits and eating habits. Talking to her did not make me feel that I was talking to an admission officer, but a friend who was willing to share her experiences and give some great advises. I really enjoyed the time talking with her. With Kisa, I talked about my personal experience as an immigrant student. I could feel that she was really energetic. Guy, as an interviewer for Brown, told us things to do when doing a Brown interview. At last, I realized that in order to get into Brown, you must be passionate at what you do and definitely be yourself.

Chocolate Espresso Cake
While having these interesting conversations, I had a meal that made me so full. The appetizers were simply fresh. Lobsters, shrimps, crabs, and oysters made a really refreshing start. An accident happened. The big plate slipped in front of me. I was shocked for a second, but I was glad that no one was hurt and nothing broke. Then, I had the super rich lobster soup. Next, the entree, I had Filet Oscar, which was a combination of steak and lobster. The steak was medium rare and the lobster meat was on the top of the steak. This was the first time I had this kind of combination, but it was nice. Land plus sea was perfection. Last but not the least, the dessert was finally on. I ordered Flourless Chocolate Espresso Cake. There was only one work to describe it, and that was amazing. As a dark chocolate lover, that was my favorite taste. When I put the first little piece of cake into my mouth, the cake melted, and I really enjoyed the bittersweet taste. Although I was already really full, I still managed to finish it because it was too awesome. Then Kisa started to "compliment" my good appetite, and that was pretty embarrassing, but in a good way.

My day ended with a birthday party for one of my cluster member. It is already Independence Day now. Since the beach was cancelled due to the rain, I think I have to find something to do now. Good nigh/morning, and I hope everyone will have a happy fourth.

Our Final Group Picture

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