Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday in a Rainy Day

Happy Birthday to the United States! It is officially 238 year-old.

I woke up at eight thirty, and I felt the humidity and hotness.  I do not sweat that much usually, but my t-shirt was wet when I woke up. Amulia and I planned to get our breakfast first and then go to the gym to do some workout, but the gym was closed because of the holiday.Then, we thought that we should go to the mall. The rain got bigger and bigger, and when I stepped out of our dorm for the mall, the rain was pouring down. Although I had my umbrella, my pants were suddenly wet and my bag was also wet. It was not a good weather for outdoor activities. I wore my flip-flops and curled up my pants, and were ready to walk in the huge rain.
Me in the Dressing Room

We took the bus, and finally arrived at the mall. Surprisingly, there were many people already shopping despite the pouring rain. For the following five hours, we walked between the five stories and between numerous stores, including New York &Company, Old Navy, Forever 21, Gap, Brighton, Love Culture, JcPenny, H&M, Nordstrom, Macy's and Players. For all the shops, I looked over the clothes, looked at the prices tried them on, and put them
back. For this reason, I did not get anything back from this trip. Although I saw a few gorgeous dresses, the fact that I do not wear dresses often made me put back those dresses and kept going on my shopping trip. I was originally planning on getting gifts for my family and friends, but I did not see anything special that represented Providence or Rhode Island. At last, my legs were tired.

The Heavy Dinner
After the long shopping trip, the rain was still pouring down. We took a bus back to Brown University, and I met with Ms.Scott and Kevin for our Independence Day dinner. It was still raining heavily, so I decided to change my tool from an umbrella to a raincoat, so my clothes and my bag would not be wet, and that was a wise decision. Although I looked funny, I was not wet. In order to celebrate the birthday of the United States, we went to an American restaurant called Harry's Bar & Burger. Totally differed from the previous meals, this meal was full of fried and high-caloric food. We ordered chocolate shake, Buffalo wings, fries, fried onions, hamburgers, and hot dog. The meal was super good, but when I was eating it, I felt guilty because of all the fat that was going into my body. Now, I really have to exercise, so I will not be fat after I go back to California.

Tomorrow will be the New Port trip. I hope it will not rain tomorrow, and the sun will celebrate the first day of United States' 238th year!

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  1. That dress looks lovely on you! Heavy food, it was. But yes, it sure tasted good on a rainy day. I am sorry the other cohort members weren't able to join us. Hopefully this week we can all dine together.