Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Last Sunday

I woke up this morning, and I realized that it would be the last Sunday for the ILC cohort to be in Rhode Island. This sudden thought was bittersweet since I am already used to the freedom in the college-like life and am enjoying the time spending with friends I meet here. If I go back to California, all of these will go back to normal, and I will have to face summer assignments and college applications. But, on the other side, I will be able to see my family and friends again, and the food will be much more better. What should I do? This wondering was soon interrupted by the fact that I was supposed to go to Wrentham Outlet. At that time, I had no strength and the intention to get out of bed because I felt super tired. My eyes were sour and my whole body felt heavy. I decided not to go and had more rest.

Me Waiting for the Poster
I still got breakfast, and I contacted Ms.Scott, asking whether we were able to go on the art tour she suggested few days ago. Because that was a late notice, she already had plans. I decided to walk around with Amulia. I stayed in front of the computer for the whole morning, and Amulia and I started our walk after our lunch. Our first stop was RISD museum because we wanted to make our personal dot posters. The line was long, so waited for at least twenty minutes for our turns. While I was waiting, I was thinking about what words should I put on the poster that I would agree throughout my life. The first two words that popped in my head were "work hard." After that, I was thinking what was the aim of working hard, and the answer was dream, so I added "chase dreams." I was proud of what I thought of, and I think I will follow these four words throughout my life.

The Place Where We Spent Our Afternoon
We walked to the Art Club Providence, but, unfortunately, it was closed for the Independence weekend. We then walked to the RISD gift shop, and later Roger Williams Memorial Park. It was a really nice day to sit down at a park bench under the tree shade and talked with friends. Amulia and I sat down at the bench and talked about life for a long time. Soon, forty-five minutes passed as we were talking, and suddenly, we decided to go to the piano practice room when we were talking about Disney songs. We could not find the building, so we just went back to our dorm instead.

Resting in the dorm was really comfortable, which I almost fell asleep. The following trip was a shopping trip. Except our dinner time, when we met Brandon and Arnold, I went to the Brown bookstore and various stores on Thayer Street. I spent the most money today in the past three weeks, but with the money I was almost done preparing souvenirs for my friends, family, and myself. which included a cup, key chains, a t-shirt, and a water bottle. We four sat in Starbucks for a while, and the schedule of my last Sunday ended there.

Now, I am typing my blog, and the last Sunday had officially ended. We only have six days left; am I excited or sad?

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