Monday, July 7, 2014

Finals Week... Ahhhhh!!

Another interesting photo of Providence from the River
Today marked the beginning of the end. I woke up, ate breakfast, and then worked out as usual. This wasn't the interesting part of my though, as that finally started once I got to class. We started getting into the more complex topics about halfway through last week but today's lesson really threw me. Aggregate Demand and Aggregate Supply is by far one of the most interesting, yet most confusing topic we've learned so far. That being said, I feel that I've gotten a pretty good grasp on it after reviewing all the notes I took and all the practice problems that we did in class.

Besides that we worked on our projects during break and braced ourselves for the intense week ahead of us. We have the group project due on Friday, our final test on Thursday, as well as a long homework due on the day of the test. I can already tell that homework and studying are going to conflict with each other and as a result I have decided to do my homework immediately after receiving it. This should leave me with enough time to relax between the homework, studying, and the test date. It should also help me to free up some more time for my group project, which is in desperate need of some repairs right now.

Our cluster at Indian Point Park to watch the fireworks
Class ended a bit early today and I put the extra time to good use by doing a final load of laundry and catching up on the massive sleep deficit that I have acquired over this trip. Before I knew it the clock had already struck 7 PM and it was time for our final cluster meeting. For those of you who don't know every Monday our cluster has a sort of team bonding session where we go out and play a sport or just do something together as a group. Today was ultimate frisbee, which seems to have been the choice for all of these sessions we've had. Either way it was a sentimental time as we all realized that these were some of the last times we'd ever be spending together. These moments didn't last long though, and we were back at Keeney, relaxing in the Lounge by 9 PM. 

The cohort +1 at the park for the fireworks
We didn't really use this time for anything special except for reminiscing about all the good times we've had over these past 2 weeks. Our talk lasted all the way up until curfew and then some, requiring our RA to come in and politely tell us to get in our rooms. As usual though we all hung out for awhile in a friend's room until we felt like going to bed. These nights seem to be getting longer but I keep going to bed earlier and earlier. This trick of the mind must be because of my lack of sleep but I can't really tell and I'm too tired to contemplate anything else of this complexity. 1:30 AM sleep time? That's an early night. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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  1. Yes, time- management is key for this last week, it seems. I know you will all get your projects and finals done, but I hope you also have fun in these last days, too.