Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Birthday 'Murica!

I'm going to try and leave this blog as short as possible tonight since, due to the storm, all the festivities that were planned for today got postponed until tomorrow. I finally got to sleep in today so I awoke to the sound of raindrops around 11 AM. Our trip to the beach today had been canceled due to the storm and my day had become very slow, but not for long! After relaxing for a little while and grabbing the smallest breakfast possible (I was still so full from Capital Grill last night) some of my friends and I decided to go to the mall for the day.

Once we arrived we immediately went to Dave 'N Busters. This was mainly due to the fact that they have a huge arcade and many of my friends still had left over "swipes" to use. After spending the abnormally large amount of tickets that we acquired (20,000) we finally decided to leave. It wasn't till around 4:30 PM but we really didn't have much else to do. We decided that we should throw a small party for our dorm mates in the 5th floor lounge since all the festivities had been canceled and so we went around shopping for party materials. I didn't really get much besides a few shirts and a few pairs of boxers, all America-based of course. We decided to take a taxi back since it was raining so hard and after we got back we immediately started setting up.

People started heading over around 8:30 PM but it didn't really get going until around 9:15. Our RA, Joe, was there to keep an eye on things and I just have to say that it was an amazing way to end off Independence Day. There was food, music, disco balls; all with a USA theme that worked to perfection. There were tons of people there and even though some people said that they didn't like it nobody left and it just got more and more packed throughout the night. We started the cleanup process around 10:30 PM so that we could check-in by 11. Everything went perfectly and since then we've just been talking about our great 4th of July. Happy Independence Day! I feel like my usual sign off isn't really appropriate for today so until next time!

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  1. Good for you all, making the most of your rainy Independence Day! Sounds fun.