Friday, July 4, 2014

Capital Grille Dinner with a Relaxed Economic Simulation Game Plus an Inspiring Tour

While trying to rid the awful stench of the room due to the sudden cutoff in air ventilation whilst worrying about approaching storms as well as a hurricane still makes me incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I have on the East Coast, and to not have the time to potentially polish my blogs after I spend a good deal of time preparing and posting the blogs makes me seem like I'm not doing enough. That's what the daily part of the routine involves and I hope that fruitful results can occur as a result, especially for others reading the blog as well as the numerous amounts of people who can benefit from the work and the audacity of the ILC.

First things first, waking up to "Pokerface" after doing a Summer @ Brown activity and going back to sleep was actually a rather effective way to wake up. This of course would be on my roommate's iPod of course and I honestly believe that such an investment may be more useful than a travel alarm clock as it offers a pleasant selection of ringtones which are customized for your use.

I went to the VDub to get some lunch after not waking up my roommate even though he didn't get up at noon and had a class at one. No matter what I or what my other floormates try to do to wake him up so that he will feel that he is isn't sleeping in at the least- going back to sleep seems to be the medium for him. Since I usually go back to bed after waking up early and doing very early activities, going on a jog or a run and doing other miscellaneous tasks seems to be evident of a person who has a bizarre, but not a lazy sleep routine to break out of. The summer heat and humidity really does sap your strength in that case but I feel that being accustomed to such an environment will breed improvement when time passes. However, I am not really in a position to speak as I demonstrate certain similarities at times.

Sitting next to the window for some days gives me the time to contemplate long-term plans and ideas as well as general theories or philosophical thoughts that I wouldn't usually get when speaking to others. Don't get me wrong as I do frequently eat while speaking to established and fairly new friends, but the experiences in benefiting and being a more whole and well-rounded person comes from the equilibrium between the two. I routinely feel that allowing myself more time to enjoy and to savor the breaks that I have (like eating, reading a book, taking a nap, etc) with balancing the activities and the coursework that I have doesn't always lead to the optimum amount of self-satisfaction. It is how you logistically coordinate all of these components and to craft them in a clever and efficient, yet equitable and a emotionally and physically pleasing manner. Just on today's example; this comes from understanding why certain condiments are laid out and noticing the areas around the condiments where including buns in addition would lead to a tastier lunch as it would be like a hamburger to assigning chunks of time devoted to study and to certain tasks.

I have this weird perception that assigning order and structure will screw up originality and genuineness in what I do and how I proceed with life affairs, but I am convinced that trying to reduce the entropy (sorry for the incorporation of physics terms which appear incredibly obsolete) of my lifestyle could be a nice refreshing change. Totally different from what I thought when I was younger, so it is interesting to see how I became this way and how I am trying to "revert" back to such projections for the long-term. Just food for thought at the least.

I later was walking with my economics class to the computer laboratory where we competed in a economic simulation game which analyzes situations of trading two different goods based on quantity and by computing the opportunity cost, thus realizing specialization due to opportunity cost to making bids off of given values. There were situations where we were restricted to making a bid at or lower than the value given as well as open economies and economies where autarky is in effect. Each of the times I participated, I believed that I was improving gradually at being successful at the game if money earned is the only variable being measured. In totality, I didn't do that bad where earning around $26 put me in a slightly higher end of the middle of the pack. Jack fared a bit better than me but two students were neck and neck for the total amount of money earned, where the person who gains the most money gets a nice gift card from Desi. Considering the dismal fiscal state of the Bank of Kevin, the status quo shows that some nice incentives could lead to GDP growth in the bank. Many others tried to view the game ID that I had, leading me to turn around to face the opposite direction that many of my nosy comrades faced, leading for Simon and I to have a hearty chuckle of silliness, yet sincerity to maintain an authentic experience.

After class, I whizzed through the halls of the geology and geophysics department where talking with a professor about his work to investigating through labs, reading journals, writing on chalkboards relating to the geophysics that I know as well as engineering applications, and most importantly, spending so much time contemplating projects and thesi on the walls led to take a break from organizing the transportation plans to the Capital Grille (where we ended up walking anyway) to not attending a voluntary session I couldn't locate anyway as well as any other Brownie that I have asked.

On to the Capital Grille! The luxurious, yet bohemian Wine Room was lovely along with the food that can be shown in the pictures, where the appetizers of oysters, lobsters, lemons in intricate cloth with a refreshing tied ribbon as to a wonderous medium rare steak... Just incredible. The service was just lovely and impeccable without too much talking and snobbery, just a true steakhouse where an upscale ambiance coexists to ooze a cozy and down-to-earth inner feeling. No wonder why my dad remembered this place for decades!

But even though the amenities were second-to-none, the main focus was meeting others, establishing connections, and to have a space where mutual understanding and mingling can be achieved. Guy Sanchez, whose alma mater is Brown and is currently active in the Brown Alumni Association, told us about the incredible range of opportunities and pursuits that are not only possible but surely attainable at Brown. He told the group on how he was a first-generation college student in his family and how he concentrated in biomedical and electrical engineering after basically "stumbling" onto campus as he described it. Incredible story from my point of view and to see him so involved because he realized how Brown has ultimately changed his life and his destiny invigorated me to live in the tradition of activism at Brown and to do the same!

One of the assistant directors of admissions, Mercedes Domenech (same first name as one of my friend's mom, who is also from Spain) really was one of the most useful and insightful, yet brutally blunt characters that I have ever came across with. I need more of these people in my life honestly as all the mumbo-jumbo, white-faced rhetoric, and the pretty polished answers which happens to be so ubiquitous, especially in describing colleges as well as college admissions. I like how she believes that trying so hard to sell a school as to profusely trying to get in contact or gain a strong lead in being admitted by silly measures isn't what the student should focus on. She even said that a suit is a bit bizarre and upfront for a college interview! This down-to-earth mentality led me to be able to ask specific questions from whether activities and awards are more important or are given a separate category of consideration as to passion and development in activities gave me the understanding and the assurance to do well and to relax during the admissions process. But, the spiel about how one should relax, be realistic and yet follow and demonstrate who they truly are seems to be the common core of advice and the mantra in which one should follow for applying to college. The breadth covered was just mind-blowing and I thank you so much for having dinner with you. You have honestly helped me and will lead me to help and to reassure others through a time which is often overstressed and taken as if it were a life or death situation.

I appreciated the side I could see in the students from Guadalupe Morales to Evelyn Nimaja of sillness yet being frank and so genuine about their experiences. Knowing that one of the current students is actually a RA for Summer @ Brown two-week students made me assured about the strong bridge between ILC and Brown and the summer program. It can be a bit weird being a person in ILC and by having to explain the program you are while trying to have the same experience that a non-ILC'er would have, well, at least in the summer program strictly speaking. Making jokes, using small talk, talking about Brazil's increased inequality after the preparation of an event that is so dear to me and many others in the world, as to Brown and life itself gave me the refreshed sense of mind and outlook I have for Brown. The excitement for this school ultimately came back, even when I was off-campus. Strange how it isn't as striking as when I am in the dorms. And Kisa Takesue, I am so glad to finally meet you after hearing about you and the strong Leadership Program at Brown- hopefully I can see you Wednesday night. You and one of the Dartmouth Deans, June Chu, brighten everyones' day with your enthusiasm, charisma, and your dedication to enrich students' experiences. I will still deny that I look like Mariko Whitenack, a previous ILC'er whom Kisa has taught in the past in the Women and Leadership course, but showing the picture to a floormate and when asking the same question, my floormate said that I could easily be her identical brother. If you are reading this Mariko, I am so sorry, it basically all started when I said that Kisa looked like you... Let's not make this more of a friendly and laughable dispute than it already is.

You probably forgot about what I said because of this:
Juicy, rare entree. 

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