Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting Closer With the Cluster

When I first met my cluster, I thought they were a pretty cool bunch, but unfortunately we almost never did much.  The first week had minimal interaction with everyone and I had to stick with my classmates and cohort members.  However, as of recent times, my RA began to take more action to get us together, which is nice.

Class today was a continuation of yesterday's lab and a quiz which I'm sure I did well if not decent on. All of my meals were eaten at the V Dub today, but I honestly have to say everything tasted terrible.  The pancakes felt like a piece of paper, the meatballs were like tofu, and the sandwich and chicken was dry, not to mention the mushy brownies.

Anyways, back to the cluster.  We were told yesterday that our RA was going to have a program today at 7PM on time management and that he wanted us to come. Of course, I went, but I found only four of my other cluster members there.  The program lasted 30 minutes and in order to fill the other half of the hour, we talked about admissions, a topic I'm really familiar with at this point.  After, I went back to my dorm to study and rest for the night. When I was checking in for the night, I was told that we were to have a meeting tomorrow at 8PM (adjusted for my dinner, thanks Charlie!) for a special surprise.  

We then all hung out in Charlie's room for a little bit, talking about the favorite moments in our lives.  I thought about this question for a while.  What is my favorite moment in life?  Eventually, I came to conclusion that the last badminton team BBQ is my favorite moment in life.  It was that time that I realized that I'm truly happy and comfortable when I'm with the team and every memory we make is precious.  I honestly have to say that my time here in Rhode Island is a close second, though.  Every day I'm meeting new people, making new memories, and having new experiences, all of which will surely be unforgettable.  Tomorrow we have a dinner with Brown admission's officers then I'll be coming back to a "meeting" after, so surely it'll be a good day.

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  1. Yes, the dining hall food is quite disappointing. I'm checking out the blogs for the first time today so I haven't read much of the earlier stuff yet. Try to eat at the Ratty more. The food is always better. Otherwise, there are a lot of great restaurants on Thayer. The Louis Family Restaurant diner is a great place for breakfast and lunch if you're on a budget (it's close to Grad Center). There's a tiny sushi shop (not the hooka bar) on Thayer called Sushi X-press that has amazing sushi and decent boba. Check them out if you haven't already! Have fun