Saturday, July 12, 2014

Back to Normal

Today was officially the last day of our 26-day trip. Since we had to clear out dorm room by nine o'clock in the morning, Amulia woke me up at six thirty just to get everything prepared. As soon as I woke up, I knew that today was the day we had to say goodbye to Summer @ Brown, Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, and the East Coast. Spending almost four weeks in the same area, I had already fell in love with its rich history, natural beauties, and the people. Thinking that I would be leaving, I felt that there was something covering my heart, maybe it was the sadness .

I did the daily routine after I woke up: brushing my teeth, drinking a bottle of water, and using the toilet, but everything seemed so different today because this would be the last time I did these normal daily activities at Brown University. I said bye to the bathroom, and went back to my room to finish my final packing.

My Cleared Room
I took out the bed cover from the bed, and a sudden thought popped in my mind. On the first day I got into the dorm, I put the cover on and checked every corner while feeling unfamiliar with the new room. Now, it was time for the bed cover to travel back to the Bay Area with me. I unplugged the alarm clock, the fan, my laptop, the surge protector, and everything I used during the three weeks. They all went into my luggage, and my room was clear again.

I went to have my last breakfast at Summer @ Brown with Amulia, Kevin, and Arnold. I could not eat a lot today for some unknown reasons, but I packed some food for my later meal on plane. The oatmeal tasted different today maybe because of the bitterness in my heart. After breakfast, I went back to Biomedical Center to take pictures of the building where I had spent three weeks at. I hope someday I will be back again.

Three suitcases, one backpack and a fan weren't easy for me to carry. Although there was an elevator in the dorm, it took me a long time just to move them all from the dorm room to the elevator, and from the elevator to the front of Keeney Quad. I really did not know why I had so many things to carry. On the way to the airport, I met Nick, who was also a Summer @ Brown student who was sponsored by a college search program to attend the summer session. He was from Chicago and he took a course in computer programming, which he said he would not do it again.

The luggage nightmare continued after we arrived at the airport. Fortunately, Ms.Scott was able to help me carry one of the luggage, so I was able to move without using a paid cart. I was so glad that both of my luggage was underweight because I was worrying about my luggage to be overweight since I bought so many cans of clam chowder. At the airport, I got my first two donuts from Dunkin Donuts since I came to the East Coast, but they were not as good as I thought. I also bought a pink shirt with the words " Rhode Island Ocean State" for my mother as a souvenir. I hoped she would like it.

Amulia and I
I boarded on the plane with the destination of Midway airport in Chicago. I sat beside Amulia, so we could spend the last two hours together. We talked about so many different topics, from Disney, Hollywood, to Emma Watson, who graduated from Brown University. We agreed that we would definitely keep in touch, and that if she visits California, we have to meet, and if I go to Chicago, we will definitely meet. The lady sitting beside Amulia was a mother of a rising-sophomore at University of Michigan. She asked me if I was a college student, I answered her that I just finished the summer program at Brown University. After she heard about Brown, her first reaction was saying that everyone attended Brown loved the school, and I agreed on that comment.

The weather at Chicago was cloudy, which represented my emotion at the moment exactly. I injured myself with the suitcase handle,  and sadly, it was time to say goodbye to Amulia.  I gave her big hug and waved. I will miss her so much. I looked out the airplane window, listened to some sad musics, and thought about all the good memories I had made in the past four weeks. My emotion deepened. I went on the plane, and met a fight attendant who was also a Brown graduate, class of 2008. With the extremely tired body, I could not help but napped. After I woke up, I had a can of orange juice, and at that moment, all I wanted was to arrive at San Francisco because the flight was too long. I looked outside the window, all I could saw was endless white cloud and farmland, and I looked t my watch and realized there were three more hours to go. I wonder how I got thoroughly the flight from Taipei to San Francisco; I should have patted myself at the back when I arrived for my endurance.

Back at San Francisco
"Welcome to San Francisco" was announced, and I knew that I was back home again, and it was really the time to say goodbye to the cohort. We said bye each other at the baggage claim. I was both excited about the fact that I saw my mom, but also upset about the fact that we were getting back to the normal life and the cohort would not be together anymore. As soon as I stepped out the airport, the journey had officially ended. This journey meant so much for me, and it would be the most precious memory for me.

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  1. Jing, it's amazing how close we become to our roommates in (or in your case, before) college. I am happy that you and Amulia got to spend that time together yesterday.