Friday, July 4, 2014

The "Waterproof" Jacket Is a Lie

What is one thing on my bucket list? Experience a hurricane is one of those things.  I guess today was close enough as Hurricane Arthur ran adjacent to Providence today, sending it's excess rage over to the campus and city.  I woke up today between 10 and 11 AM, realizing that I missed breakfast at a dining commons.  I quickly messaged everyone to see what they did for breakfast but to no avail.  Half past eleven, a wild message appeared!  It was Joe asking if I wanted to go down to Thayer for a meal.  Of course, I agreed. We decided to just eat a bigger lunch since it was already noon and we trekked down to Johnny Rockets for a burger.  I ordered their signature Johnny Rocket Squealer, shared cheese bacon fries with Joe, and got a chocolate milkshake.  The Squealer was not as good as I expected, likely because I'm spoiled by the West coast's In N Out burgers.  The fries were alright but were a bit dry, and the shake was delicious albeit overpriced.

When we walked out of the restaurant, we heard sirens and everyone got notifications on their phones. There was a flood warning in Rhode Island thanks to the hurricane.  We had plans to go to the mall after eating, but we decided against it just for safety's purpose.  The short walk back to our dorms was anything but pleasant.  Joe forgot his umbrella so I had to let him borrow mine while I used my badminton jacket which our entire team assumed was waterproof.  Unfortunately for me, when there's a hurricane, it's not. I was walking back and I could feel the water seeping through the jacket but all in all I was more or less dry.

After watching the storm from my dorm window, Joe and I decided to go downtown to the mall with Arnold and grab dinner and perhaps buy a few things.  When we arrived, we realized that every store was closing early for the Fourth and we ended up just eating at the food court.  The rain wasn't as bad as it was earlier in the day walking back from the mall, so I'm pretty dry now.  Tomorrow is the trip to Newport, but I've been wait-listed again and now I'm debating on whether or not to go on the trip since all there really is is a beach and mansions, which is hard to fill three hours with.  We'll see I guess.

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  1. Brandon, I had a hard time with my umbrella in the wind, too, yesterday. I sure hope you made it to Newport today!