Saturday, July 5, 2014

Lost In the Music

I woke up this morning at 7 AM with the decision of going to Newport or staying in Providence and doing something.  I decided for the latter.  Although there are many pretty mansions to be seen in Newport, I felt the urge to get in touch with my musical side for today.  I started off the day by listening to my usual playlist of music when I decided I was feeling a bit more on the emotional side and switched over to my instrumental playlist.  I went on listening to my music for about two hours when Joe called me up and asked if I wanted to get lunch with him.  Of course, I accepted and we went to one of two sushi restaurants on Thayer, Sushi Express.  The sushi was definitely filling and good, but I wouldn't call it the best as I have a "spoiled" taste of sushi.  I would definitely go there again if I needed a quick meal by myself.

Following lunch, I went back to my dorm and realized I had nothing to do up until dinner.  I had two choices: go to the mall by myself or check out the music practice rooms.  Both are quite some distance away, but I chose to go to the practice rooms since it's more awkward to go window shopping by oneself.  I arrived at the music room and slid my ID card at the door, which, as expected, unlocked.  There wasn't a reception desk or anything, so anyone could really just walk in and start playing.  I moved downstairs to where all the practice rooms were and found a series of soundproof cubicles with glass doors and pianos inside, be it a single stand-up piano, a baby grand, or even two pianos.  I situated myself in one of the rooms and took out my phone (where my sheet music was stored) and played away.  Some of the pianos are in good condition while others had keys broken off and the doors were directly behind the benches, so close that I could lean on the door while sitting.  It's been a while since I've played the piano, so the experience was definitely refreshing, although I was rusty.  Thankfully, the rooms are soundproof and there was no one else in there. Before I knew it, it was already six and I needed to grab dinner. I called up Joe and we went to Antonio's again for dinner and got frozen yogurt at Froyo World for dessert.
The RI Philharmonic Orchestra performing

Soon, it was seven.  I met with Amuyla, Jing, Arnold, and some of Amuyla's friends in front of the Keeney Quad and we started the 22 minute walk to India Point Park.  When we arrived, the park was packed.  We found seats near the stairs down to the grass and soon enough the Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra began their pops concert.  They started with well known old pieces such as "In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Edvard Grieg and eventually moved onto famous video game and movie soundtracks including "One Final Effort" from the game Halo, "Hikari" from Kingdom Hearts, and themes from Captain America and Spiderman.  The entire two hour concert was amazing and I wish I could experience it again.  There's a feeling you get after any orchestra concert that I just can't describe, you get so lost in the music that time flies and as soon as you know it, a large amount of time has passed.  The one piece that especially caught my attention during the concert was the orchestrated version of "Hikari," a song that I frequently listened to in my childhood.  It brought back many memories and I recognized it immediately.  I felt tears form in the corners of my eyes as I remembered my years as an elementary student and how free and innocent I was.  Now I have schoolwork and studying constantly piled up around me during the school year and I always feel guilty of something, regardless of whether or not I actually did something wrong.  Ever since coming here to Brown, all of that weight an stress disappeared.  I only have to worry about my single class and I can handle the rest of the day however I need to.  I can choose where to eat, I can walk around the neighborhood whenever I feel like it, etc.  Not only that, but I feel right at home here at Brown.  Everyone is friendly, everyone is willing to help, and any time I need something I can get it.  Going home will be nice and all, but for sure this trip will be embedded in my mind for the rest of my life.  I have exactly one week left here, and I'll definitely do everything I can to leave with no regrets and come home with many stories to tell.  To everyone and especially my family back at home: don't worry about me, I'll make sure I come back safe and in one piece and definitely more mature.

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