Saturday, June 28, 2014

A Day that is Full of Freedom

Wow! It was finally Saturday. But, I woke up earlier than usual because we had to be prepared for the Boston trip.When we got to the gathering spot, there were already many people waiting for their buses, and we were one of them. We signed in and the RAs gave us yellow wrist bands as symbols of "you are guaranteed to get on a bus."

From Providence to Boston was an one-and-a-half-hour drive. I watched the green trees passed by me, I watched the cars driven by me, and lastly I fell asleep. It was a beautiful city. I got off the bus, and I was surrounded by all these historical and beautiful buildings. There were also many people walking around, enjoying the beauty of the city.

We, Brandon, Amulia, Arnold, Merryta, and I, first arrived at the Quincy Market, which was packed with people. Many shops and vendors were at that area, but we decided to have a historical trip rather than a shopping trip. We went on the Freedom Trail. The trail was labeled with red bricks throughout the path, which made our trip so much easier.

The Old State House
Our first stop was the spot of Boston Massacre, where British Army soldiers killed five male civilians and injured six others. Then, we saw the Old State House. It was now a museum exhibiting the history toward United States' independence and people who were important in this history. In the museum, there were many paintings regarding to the time period and many objects that were kept from that time period. I felt like I went through a time machine and was back to the colonial and Revolutionary era.  (The museum did allow tourists to take pictures, but did not allow to publish, so I am not able to publish them on my blog). I also felt so proud standing in the building because  President Washington saluted the nation at the same place as I was standing. The new nation was born.

We then went to the gathering place of the Boston Tea Party. I had only heard of the party in American History textbook, but now I was in the place where they gathered. So exciting! The inside was white and there were many seats for the members to have big meetings. Beside being a meeting place for the Boston Tea Party, it was also a place for advocates for American's freedom of speech. What a meaningful place. We also passed by the old city hall and a church where President Washington had sat before.
Lobster Roll

We were back to the Quincy Market to get our lunch because we were all hungry. I decided to order lobster roll because I heard that Boston's lobster was famous. Although the roll was expensive, at least I could tell people that I tried Boston's lobster. There was no difference between the lobster I ate today and the one I ate last week in Providence. I guess maybe because they were the same species?

At Bunker Hill Monument

With our tired legs, we were wondering what to do next: Harvard and MIT or keep on going on the Freedom Trail? Our decision was Freedom Trail because we did not have enough time to go to Harvard and MIT and come back in 2.5 hours. Therefore, we headed to Bunker Hill Monument. In between, we passed by Paul Revere House, and Old North Church, which was the tallest building at that time because no other buildings were allowed to be higher than it because it was the place for God.

Walked over the bridge, several hills and downhills, we were finally at the Bunker Hill Monument. The tall white monument just stand straight in front of me. We were all so excited because we were finally at the end of the trail, so we took many pictures at the same spot. At that moment, I was sweating and I felt that the sun was burning my skin, but when I saw all the paths I walked and that I was finally at the end point with such spectacular monument, I smiled big in the pictures. Again, we rushed back and we arrived right on time. Maybe I was too tired, I slept almost throughout the way back to Providence.

WaterFire at Providence
Two hours later, we headed to the WaterFire at Providence. We sat there for an hour and finally the show started. Sitting at the side of Providence River, we watched people lighting up the wood in the middle of the river. One after another, the night was splendid again by the fire; how romantic and special! After that, we walked around the city, and finally headed back to our dorm.

Finishing showering let me feel really great, but now I had to finish my blog. Looking back at my Saturday, I felt it was tiring yet great. I was able to walk on the Freedom trail and be a free spirit with all these patriots and at the same time see all the different style of buildings and objects during the colonial period. Although I could not find anything for my family and friends because those souvenirs were all too expensive, my spirit and my experience were enriched, and I am looking forward to the Newport trip next week.

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