Monday, June 16, 2014

Commencing the Start of Something New

Okay, so the title may sound cheezy, but really, it's the start of something new! Today marks the beginning of a brand new chapter in the lives of the '14 Brown-I cohort. It's actually the day before we are to board the plane and head out to the East Coast! As nervous and anxious I was this morning, I'm actually beginning to feel the excitement of everything build up. I do, however, have to finish packing and weighing the luggage. It's roughly 12:30 in the afternoon right now as I'm well on my way to ensuring everything is ready for the big day!

I decided I decided I'd eat then subsequently continued working on getting my clothes, electronics, appliances, and everything else ready. It's currently 3:36 p.m. and it has been taking its while, but everything is working out pretty well thus far. I have the basics ready to go, but have yet to finish. I'm doing my best to finish in time for me to get some sleep, so that I can go ahead and rest for a while. As part of the Ivy League Connection, we ILCers should be as social as we can throughout the trip, as we are expected to expected to. Not only will we be touring, taking a course, and meeting other students, but we will be presented with the opportunity to speak with current college students, alum, and even admissions officers. That being said, I need to rest up a while so I can be bright and alert for the time of the flight. In addition, I need to be alert so that I can review material that will be covered in my DNA-Based Biotechnology course.

As time passes by, I find myself here sitting here again continuing this blog, only it is 7:30 p.m. My sister actually stopped by for a while before I leave. It's pretty comforting to see her around before important days like these, as it was to see my entire family yesterday as well. They help me come back to our roots and constantly remind me that hard work pays off. They help keep me on track with regards to my education. They are the ones who encourage me to be the best I can be, and by beginning to take on this journey, I will definitely keep them all in mind. The East Coast is sure to hold its obstacles, but I'm ready to roll with the punches and become better. After all, life is full of opportunities for learning and doing new things, and this will be nothing less than one of those special opportunities.

As it gets closer to the time we are to head out to meet up with the cohort, our parents, and Don, I can finally say that I have the luggage all packed up and ready to go. All that is left now is to enjoy these last few moments before my cohort takes on a new journey. I'll miss everything about home, from seeing my family on a regular basis, enjoying my mom's unsurpassable food, and even the Bay's (Richmond in particular) bi-polar weather! I'm feeling decently excited, yet simultaneously I find myself getting quite sleepier by the minute. It actually seems as though the idea of this trip has been hitting me back and forth, because aside from being sleepy, I am feeling pretty zen. I will, however, be feeling the rush in the early morning. For now, I'll just get comfortable for the small amount of time left. Needless to say, the commencement of a new chapter in my life lies only a few hours ahead, waiting to be written.

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