Monday, June 23, 2014

The Official Start of Class

It is again Monday. This time, I am not at California, but at Providence, Rhode Island getting ready to attend my first class-Techniques in DNA-based Biotechnology-at Brown University. When I was dressing up, I suddenly recalled the time when I first saw the available program list that ILC provided last year. That time, when I saw this course, I realized that this is my course, and I applied. Now, I was getting ready to really step into the classroom and have some college experiences.

The first breakfast at Brown was not that appealing. Looking at the food provided, I was only able to eat a little scramble egg and potato, a banana, and a half of milk. After the meal, Jack d three of us walked to where our classroom is at, the Bio-medical Center. In front of the classroom, our teacher assistant, Heidi, was waiting, and she told us to pick up our ID for the class and some handouts. The classroom was a medium classroom with about fifty seats, but our classroom looked empty since there were only about twenty students in the class, which was a surprisingly small class.

Course Handouts
Our instructor, Jody Hall, first introduced herself and went over our course objectives, which were knowing the DNA structure, being able to carry out laboratory experiments, and being able to demonstrate our understanding. Heidi then went through some general lab rules, which were necessary to follow for our own safety.

Today was a reviewing day. Jody talked about the central dogma, an essential concept to be understood in this course. I saw many familiar figures that came from the AP Biology textbook I used in my sophomore year. Also, an inevitable activity was ice-breaker. We wrote down a thing that we were really good at, and I wrote, "I am really good at adapting to new environments. " Since I am a very bad name-memorizer, I only memorize about one-third of the names. The last task to do in the class was a test. When I saw the questions, my instant reaction was, "Oh no! I forgot half of the content!" However, I still managed to finish the test with some intellectual or random guessing.
DNA Textbook

When I was taking the test, I heard my stomach growling, and finally, it was lunch time. The lunch menu was also not appealing, but better the one for breakfast. We explored the campus after the meal, and decided to buy the prepaid card for our laundry. We also tried to sit on the lawn and study, but it did not fit us, so we decided to stay at our dorm.

I used the spare time to figure our how to use GuideBook, and online device that allows students to know what kind of activities are available at Brown. I used it and finally got a schedule for myself to participate and various events everyday.

Arnold knocked on my door and told me it's time to do laundry. "I could finally do my laundry," I thought everyday as I saw my big pile of dirty clothes. Those washing machines are old and it costs 1.5 dollars per wash, and those dryers are not better also. We managed to do all our laundry, and that's good.

After the not-so-good dinner, our dorm division did another ice-breaker, which all of us were required to write down and tell the group a thing that we did that was really exciting or ridiculous, and also things about ourselves. I talked about how I like K-pop and how I was so obsessed with the idols.

I think I am hungry now since I only ate salad tonight; my stomach is growling again. It's time for me to read chapter 2 of DNA Science. Good night!

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