Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday and Senate Proceedings!

Birthday Oreos!
Darnit! Going back to sleep after going on a run is just so unacceptable, that should be the start of my day! I actually wondered about how my birthday would proceed after I woke up before going to class as I saw my friend come in to hang out. She wanted us to help her figure out why the dryer didn't seem to work after using it three times. Apparently, one of the dryers didn't work and I suggested that she tried to dry her clothes in another machine so that she wouldn't have to dish out all that credit to the Bear Bucks system! I wondered and wondered about what they have promised me for my birthday but I felt that other errands were certainly more vital to focus on.

At the Ratty, I ate less food than normal as I felt that my time economy could greatly improve when I am eating less (the new amount is about average) so that I can be more selective about the healthiest options that I can get as well as not feeling as full and lethargic later in the day! My eyes were glued to the TV screen as the Nigeria-France soccer match was under way. My friend next to me illegally placed a bet on the game on a Chinese internet site (only a bet of around 20 yuan) and was very enthusiastic about France winning, in which they did! I personally rooted for the underdog and was slightly upset about the outcome but c'est la vie!

In class, we first met up in groups to decide on the topics that we want to do as well as what group we want to be in. The instructor sent an e-mail to all the pupils in the class asking us to form groups and to brainstorm ideas for the final presentation...on a Saturday evening. My weekend was already jam-packed with activities where I was exhausted from the Boston excursion as well as trying to puncture a fairly large blister on my toe, maybe I should stop now. Because of my fear of trying to complete the assignment on time, I sent out an e-mail to everyone where I was frantic about trying to get in a group as well as choosing a topic. As per usual, I was fairly sufficient (yet not superb) at brainstorming different macroeconomic topics to do a presentation on but trying to choose one was the challenge. A fellow classmate responded back to me and offered to be in my group. I became relieved and I will admit that I did a bit of a jig.

After class ended where we learned about inflation, interest rates, and unemployment, I walked down to the State House to watch the Senate proceeding. I walked by RISD admissions and I regretted that I didn't stop to get information that I desperately crave as I am interested in the architecture program as well as the dual-degree program with RISD and Brown. Walking further down the hill where many of the historic landmarks coincided in a harmonic way with old, charming,yet humble houses on significantly steep grades led me down to Roger Williams National Park. I walked in a determined sense in scorching heat all the way up the marble steps to the State House.

I swerved through the tourists to watch the Senate proceedings which only took around 20 minutes as the Senate voted on many bills just last week and were only discussing three bills to vote on. The process was remarkably quick and the politicians were surprisingly active and engaged. This is most likely due to the small population of Rhode Island (a bit over a million) so many of the politicians were interacting with the public as well as the media personnel on a very casual and even friendly level. What a far cry from California and Capitol Hill in DC! Even though I was intrigued by the content of the bills as well as the deliberation process that ensued; the pounding of the gavel by the Senate Majority leader was especially thrilling to experience. I later roamed around to soak up the beautiful architecture as well as speaking at the podium of the Governor of RI. I also had small talk with a couple from Toronto on holiday as they commented that my speaking was extremely eloquent. I would disagree but it was really nice to get such a compliment! This is definitely a must-see!

Walking back to campus, I later took a two-hour nap, did my economics readings (probably should finish up the problem sets), and got my first slice of Chinese cuisine and it was surprisingly not disappointing but it wasn't satisfying at the same time. The popular drink is tea with tapioca pearls. My friend, Bill, was willing to pick up the tab after much argument (he is originally from Beijing so of course he won) where he also commented that milk tea hits the spot on such a hot day. Even though he says that the boba in Vancouver is much higher in quality; he stated that getting a tapioca drink in Providence is more fulfilling because of the extreme heat and humidity as Vancouver is extremely cool and rainy. He taught me a common phrase used by Mandarin speakers in Vancouver on getting depression because of cloudy/ rainy weather. Speaking of which, I really need to speak more Mandarin as my skills have probably plummeted to ignominious proportions.

No wonder why our RA wanted us to meet at 10. I was told to stand in the hallway where I hung out with my floormates as well as their friends that they brought along from other dorms on campus. They kept mentioning hints about cake where others who heard the statements immediately tried to cover up the idea of a cake being a part of what will be prevalent later on in the evening. I felt way too sweaty from all that exercise in the humidity so I honestly felt self-conscious about my appearance, odor, and yeah I'll stop there. I was greeted in the lounge with an absolutely gorgeous ice creak cake from Ben and Jerry's as well as suggestive, yet incredibly hilarious gifts for my birthday with the exception of Birthday Oreos and Catch-22.  I would like to thank all my friends, RAs, and acquaintances for recognizing and celebrating my birthday despite my repeated efforts for them to not trouble or inconvenience themselves for some random Brown summer student that they happen to meet. I also thank everyone for all the great wishes on social media as well as e-mail, texts, and phone calls. It motivates me to care and think about other people, especially people that I need to think about and contact more.

I later went to Roy's room to talk about his day as he does Summer@ Brown as well as playing with the Brown rugby team as he actually plays on the U-20 Scottish national rugby team! I found out at 12:30 that his birthday is also June 30th and hanging out in his room before then made me regret not saying my best wishes. Although he was playfully arrogant about being older than me by one year as well as doing a lucrative sign for fun, he wished me a happy belated birthday. One of his best friends. Ben, who actually was in my youth orchestra last year and attends school in Oakland turned 17 on July 1st, so most of my attention was trying to wish him a happy birthday! So many birthdays! Too bad he is on Morgan's (another RA on our floor) neck of the woods so I may not be able to partake in the celebrations! After going into Sam's room which is just one door down where I was part of a horah celebration, I laughed and listened to Michael Savage with my roommate where we laughed on how discriminatory and idiotic he is. Hugh identifies as a conservative and even commented on how bonkers this nut is. What a day!

Interior of RI State House!

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  1. Kevin, Happy Birthday! We must make a toast at Thursday's dinner!