Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Start

"Jing! Wake up! It is already two o'lock in the morning," my mom shouted. "It's 'already' two o'clock in the morning?" you might ask, but for today, waking up that early was necessary because our Brown-I cohort was finally heading to Providence, Rhode Island.

Our Luggage In the Dark
Demanded by Don to get to El Cerrito High School before three thirty in the morning, I left home at three, and got there at three twenty. The sky was still dark, and almost no one and no car was on the road, and at the same moment, I was still thinking about whether I forgot to bring anything important, and listening at my parents' reminder that safety is the most important part of the trip. I was the first student to arrive, and what was welcoming me was the blowing cold wind, which made my body shiver.

After all of us arrived and got our luggage weighed, Don handed each of us (including parents) an itinerary, did the last reminding session, and hoping that all of us will have a lot of fun during the trip. Then, it was photo time which Don took a group photo that symbolized the start of the study trip. Before the shuttle arrived at four thirty, parents, students, chaperon, Don, and Ms. Kronenberg waited in the cold wind and talked with each other.

Finally, the shuttle arrived. It was right on time. The luggage was put on the shuttle, and all of us needed to face the fact that we are on our own now. I hugged my parents, but I was afraid that my tears would fall down, I did not stay there long and hurried onto the shuttle. The trip officially started.

Sitting on the shuttle and looking out at the Bay, the lights were shining in the nameless dark, and my mind was under a complex condition. I realized that I will not be in this familiar place for the next one month, so I was really anxious, but at the same time, I understood that this will be a golden opportunity for me to learn independence and many new things.

Check-In Counter
My thoughts were interrupted when I saw the big words "SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL." There were already a lot of people at the check-in counter. We all carried our big luggage and checked them in. While carrying the luggage, I had a sudden realization that I should not bring this much luggage next time when I travel because it is hard to carry and also tiring when you are waiting in a long line.

This was many years after my last domestic flight. I was scared that I brought things that were prohibited, and at the same time I did not even know that we had to get out our laptop when we passed the checking station, so I was paniced. I was glad that everything went well. I was free to go!

It was six ten already; it was time for us to head to Chicago Airport. The flight was crowded, and I sat between Ms.Scott and a California student who was also heading to Rhode Island. What a coincidence.
Ms.Scott and I
The person sitting in front of me was preparing for his presentation on treatment for the Navy's stress. What an interesting topic. Although I woke up at two o'clock in the morning, I could not sleep at all on the plane for some unknown reasons. Looking at passengers beside me sleeping, I envied them. But, I enjoyed the view outside the window. I had never realized that the United States has such a large portion of unending farming land that was so flat. But, it was a different story at Chicago: the houses were packed together and there were more cars running back and forth. The plane ride ended with babies' crying sound. Chicago Airport was the most packed airport I have ever seen.

We Are Finally at Providence
Time to board on the second plane. I was glad that this ride was shorter because I was really tired already. "Welcome to Providence," when the captain announced our arrival, I was shouting in my heart, "Yes! Finally!" I called my parents and told them that I arrived safely, and they were all excited except me telling them that I was super exhausted already. When I first walked out of the airport, I could already feel the humidity, which was similar to my hometown, Taipei. When I was on the shuttle, I looked at the cars passing by, and my first thought was, "Why do they have different plates that show Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Maine, etc., and not California?" Then I realized that I was already In Rhode Island.
The Front Door of the Hotel

We arrived at the hotel called Providence Biltmore. The lobby of the hotel was astonishing; it was decorated with old and fancy furniture including chandeliers and some golden decorations. Since I am the only girl in the team, I am able to enjoy the room by myself. It is big and comfortable, and I got to scattered my items all over the room.

My Room
We all then gathered and headed to dinner. It was a nice restaurant with great service. The waiter, Chris, was really enthusiastic about his job because he thinks that he is able to meet many new and great people in the restaurant, and he told us many great stories. Beside the great service, the food itself was excellent. Reading the menu, I had no idea what to order because every single dish looked delicious. After a long consideration, I decided to order lobster and king crab legs because I did not have chances to try them often, and I wanted to try new things.

The King Crab Legs and Lobster Tail
Before the main dishes, we had Providence Oyster and crab cake as our appetizers, and they were simply amazing. After my main dish arrived, I figured that I would have a hard time finishing the dish because I was not really familiar with how to eat crabs efficiently. I took the first bite. It was delectable. The meat tasted fresh, sweet, and soft. Now, the big problem was how to break the shell. Because of the help from Jack, I was able to taste the crab efficiently and without wasting much strength. Thank you Jack!

Now I've finished showering and am sitting on the bed writing the blog. When I was thinking about what happened today, I was smiling at the same time. Although today was tiring but it was definitely fun. I still have to prepare for tomorrow and be ready to wake up at five o'clock in the morning. Good night!

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  1. Jing, I admire the pictures you took. They really enhance the blog. All of us trying to crack the King crab legs is a memory I will keep forever.