Saturday, June 28, 2014

First Weekend after Courses

Hang tight on the edit of the Dartmouth post as well as pictures! The weekend will give me some extra time!

A better day ensued, even though yesterday was quite incredible. The all-nighter to make sure that my blog(s) are of good quality as well as making sure that the numerous amounts of problem sets for Econ was done, as well as doing them well in case any of the others in my group did not complete parts of the assignment or if they made substantial errors led me to comprehend collegiate life even more. After this, I slipped the homework I have done under my partner's door in the dorm and then e-mailed him that the papers I gave to him were that of the homework sets (we are strongly encouraged to complete homework in groups with collaboration after individual attempts of a certain caliber). After that, I took a run where the weather was just perfect, even better than the morning! I then went to bed after my run and woke up at around 11:30, where the facilities person finally came in to fix the rerouting of some of the wires in the overhead light. I am, however, still waiting on the window to be fixed so that I can actually open the window without worrying about it falling down to the firmly shut position. We had a brief conversation about the matters regarding the difference between Massachusetts and Rhode Island (apparently I impress people by distinguishing where they are from based on accent), trade school and its usefulness to almost anyone, especially engineers, things to do in MA and RI, and many more. Too bad it was rushed and groggy as I had to meet my friend for lunch in the Rattie, which was actually pretty decent today with a large amount of Italian-American food from ravioli to cheesy pasta with al fredo sauce. I hear that it will be closed until Sunday night later this day but I won't be effected because of Boston, going to Federal Hill, going to Downtown Providence for sightseeing and possibly going to Wayham Outlets for some possible, but unlikely shopping. A low sales tax at 6.25% is really enticing though...

I asked my partner if he had the homework I gave him and he exclaimed that he viewed the papers but thought it was his roommates. I began to freak out and tell the instructor about how I was to turn in the group assignment after delineating my situation. She said to sprint over there during the break, which is only around 10 minutes. Since my dorm room is around a mile and a half, I would have to be at a race-practice pace in jeans as well as in scorching heat. I guess I got a double-workout today! I quickly grabbed his key and sprinted over to my dorm, where I had to stop and wait for cars to pass through (most cars do not yield with the exception of a few residents of the smallest US state) as well as optimize the best path. It took me only around eight minutes to grab the homework plus the round-trip running. Not to mention that my groupmate didn't finish his homework! I told the TA about my concern and he said that it won't be too big of a deal since three different grades of check minus, check, and check plus are assigned to the five chapters of diagramme-intensive homework. He also suggested that splitting up the work is not ideal as a, we don't get practice through all the problems. b, it would lead to less collaboration, and c, it isn't absolute like it was just today. The TA, Simon, was extremely helpful in solving and explaining the homework problems and I thank him for all his help, although I think both the instructor and the TA could be in the classroom together more often!

I then later met Brandon to go over to RISD. THERE SIMPLY WASN'T ENOUGH TIME! I wanted to be sure that I can see as much as I can before going again on Sunday! The avant-garde focus was incredible and if you want to read more about it, go to Brandon's blog as he shares details of my exuberance that are a little too embarrassing for me to state! The societal and minimalist impressions were the most profound and I even think it can rival MOMA in SF or the Met! The video and applicable/ documentary displays were just mindblowing with astounding music of humour, yet artistic sense. I couldn't tour all of it so the lengthy criteques and compliments will be shown later. Stay tuned! Afterwards, I fell in love and acted in a care-free manner to explore the foothill seperating College Hill and Downtown. The quintessential, treesy New England experience! We went by the old governor of RI's residence as well as the John Brown House- amazing pieces of physical history which existed before the appearance of non-Spanish Europeans in my native state! After a great talent show from repetitive guitar and singing duos to a Brown student who memorized 200 digits of pi, meeting more people and hanging out on the Main Green as well as talking about Chicago and universities, eating great Indian food and meeting an extremely friendly owner about Indian diaspora in the US as well as the friendliness of people here makes me cherish what I have and what I will do! There was even a rough Turkish game that the group I hung out with played at 10 at night- let's just say watching is better than participating. Night and hello weekend!

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  1. Kevin, there is another dining common thath should be open Saturday and Sunday on campus, even with the Rattie closed. Ask around, I believe it's VW. And I am glad your TA talked to you about group work. He is right- there is a fine line between working together and copying/sharing answers.