Sunday, June 29, 2014

Boston and Waterfire (In Progress due to Computer Difficulty)

Today started off with an early start, that of an astounding early time of 7:45 so that I can get ready to board the bus to Boston. I quickly rushed and brought a good deal of cash (in which I spent les than 50% of, thankfully) without even eating breakfast. I automatically thought about Dunkin' Donuts before anything else as I was confident that it would satisfy my breakfast needs. And that it did, and it did it well! I guess I am quickly assimilating to the East Coast mindset of knowing that Dunkin' will always be there for me. My order was just a beautiful glazed blueberry jelly doughnut with a small coffee with the complimentary added sugar and cream! The trip involved a great deal of walking where I had to run over to CVS to buy a needle two puncture two blissful blisters. Nevertheless, I was glad I got the opportunity to go and to finally relax and do sightseeing versus conforming to a strit schedule of appointments and transportation times! Hah, I am testing you as the alliteration, "blissful blisters" would be a phrase you would never me state. Maybe if I felt really wacky and creative...

Anyways, back to the proceedings of a wonderful yet HUMID day. I have to confess that I was naive enough to think that the weather is just perfect but with a great deal of walking combined with cobblestone and brick streets and sidewalks, the comfort level drastically drops and doesn't go back up to average even when visiting these sites. But my enjoyment and curiosity wasn't marginalized at all; in fact, it increased substantially!

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