Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Admissions, Admissions, Admissions...

Today's class wasn't anything too special, except that we had a quiz on all of our classmate's faces.  I feel that I aced that one, as there are only 19 people in the class compared to the 30 or more we have at our regular schools (phew!).  Besides class, I went on a walk along Thayer Street today with Jing and Arnold after getting some lunch at the V Dub.  I've recently been getting hungrier between meals thanks to my returning appetite, so I requested that we stop by CVS to pick up a few snacks.  After getting the snacks, we walked into a few shops which sold some collector items and such, just window shopping you know. We ended our little walk together with a stop by the Science Library on campus, which has apparently been voted the ugliest building in Providence years in a row.  Inside was well conditioned and nicely kept, despite all the "ugliness" outside of it.

After the small adventure, I returned to my dorm to do my homework, which was just some reading again. At about six, I walked down to the front of the quad to meet up with Jing for dinner.  I scanned around for people to invite to dinner, and found Kevin, kneeling on the floor with his laptop open.  I approached him and asked what he was doing.  He was apparently having troubles locating a building for a time management program (?).  I helped him locate the building and said goodbye.  I looked around after and found two of my classmates, Benjie and Paige.  I decided to invite them to dinner and we all walked over to the V Dub for dinner after Jing's arrival.  We had some nice conversation throughout dinner regarding SAT scores and the such, although I do have to say I'm impressed with Paige's "precrastination," as she's a sophomore with a relatively high score on a 7th grade SAT and aiming for a 2200 for her SAT that she just took this month.

It was approaching 7 when Benjie realized that he had a college admissions presentation to attend, so he invited me and Jing to tag along.  We rushed to the well-cooled Salomon building where the seminar would take place.  The seminar went over many things that I had learned from the admissions officers I spoke with, and it was a great refresher.  By the time it was over, I realized that most of my high school career can be seen as "average." I'm really glad that I went to the seminar, because now I'm determined to do something with my career with what little time I have before college applications start.  I recall my older cousin telling me about an internship in a biomed facility, so perhaps I'll see if I can take him up on that offer although I'll only have about three weeks to work with.  Hopefully that will make me stand out, but for now, I'm sure I'll be able to do many great things even after application season is over.

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