Monday, June 30, 2014

Shark Week (It's Getting Harder...)

There wasn't really anything special about today, except for the fact that it was another of my California friend's first day at Brown. He's doing a two-week program in engineering and after that he's going to Vietnam for the rest of the summer so this is the only time we'll really get to see each other this summer. Tia and I met him at the VW for breakfast and when Tia decided to go finish up some homework I decided to take that opportunity to give Dylan a tour of Brown's campus. He had arrived late and missed all the tours so we did a quick walk around the main part of campus, with a nice walk down Thayer St. all the way to the building his class is in.

We couldn't really think of any other necessary things to do after that so we just decided to hang out on the main green with some other cluster members till it was time to go to lunch. Back to the VW for lunch and we were soon on our way to class. He left a little bit early from lunch because his class is near the lower half of campus, whereas mine is neighbors with the VW. Today in class we got a little bit more in depth about the tougher parts of economics and the things that I've been waiting for. We were assigned a group project today and I have Omar, Raka, Andra, & Gerald in my group. It's supposed to be a 15-minute Powerpoint presentation on an economics subject of our choice but we haven't decided on what we want to do quite yet. It should be interesting but juggling this as well as normal homework should be somewhat of a challenge.

Class ended on time and by 3:45 I was back at my dorm getting my clothes together for laundry. I did it with Tia this time, and after putting all our stuff in we headed back to Marie's room for a quick hang out with her and some other Everett-Poland students. It was fun and henna played a big role in it as she gave me the most amazing design that I have ever seen. I told her that I was a Pisces and something along those lines would be awesome but she took it to the next level by incorporating the Yin-Yang aspect into it with two fish entangled in an ever continuing circle. It took almost two hours to complete and I have to say that my stupidity got the better of me because I forgot to take a picture. You can still see the stain that the henna leaves but it's a little lighter than I would've like for that much of her time. Either way I loved it and I hope that she'll do another one before the camp is over.

Despite that the day was really slow. Got dinner at the VW, again, at exactly 7:30 PM and then went back to the main green for a cluster-wide game of Mafia. We only played about two rounds until we got bored and went back to the dorm lounge for a game of Cards Against Humanity. It's pretty much Apples to Apples but with a bit more vulgarity. That didn't last too long either though and before we knew it we were back in our rooms before curfew. Since then the blog seems to have been taking up my time and if I want to understand the concepts presented tomorrow in class I should probably go to bed now. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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  1. I love hearing about the creative things you all find to do in your free time. Sounds fun!