Monday, June 30, 2014

Back to Basics

Weekends aren't here forever, unfortunately. Our first weekend has quickly passed up and it's now Monday. Last night after the dinner, I began on the blog with very slow progress, as I was getting sleepy. I finished only to find out that our class had a last minute assignment to upload. I got to quick work and ended up sleeping very late- another reason I don't look forward to Mondays. Anyway, I woke up later than usual and had breakfast with the group (no waffle for me today, though) before class.

Today we had a class discussion instead of a lab and went over our electrophoresis results. It was kind of tricky to understand, but I got through that part of the class. On to the next part, we began talking about plasmid vectors and how we were going to be performing some experiments with unknown plasmid vectors tomorrow. I've never previously learned about this, so you can imagine what it's like to dive into something you're totally unfamiliar with, especially when it's complex and very in-depth to the subject. In any case, I'll be looking up some Youtube videos and will be reading from my textbook to get help and better understanding.

After a difficult lecture, the group and I had lunch at the V-dub and decided that we'd do laundry. Jing and I headed to Archibald's laundry room and found such a clutter there. Luckily, we had some washing machines available, but unfortunately, one of the ones I used stank, as did every other one I checked out. After getting that going, I knew I needed rest after a very unrestful night and morning, so I took a long, on and off, probably 2 hour nap. I had nothing done as I was knocked out. It was only after dinner that I actually picked up my stuff from the laundry room, but as you can tell, today has been very basic. Nothing much to it.

The day went on and I received an invite from Lupe to hang out, chat, and of course, have some of that promising pozole. I was ecstatic about that, so there's definitely something to look forward to for tomorrow. Other than that, I also took some more time for myself and listen to music, particularly live performances from show auditions to music celebrations. I enjoyed some time doing that and then actually just finished having a quick RA meeting. It was nothing other than continuing to be good people and not doing all those inappropriate, rude, and/or offensive things that others had done.. In addition, we found out that there was a program that we could go to as a group. I'm pretty sure it's one of those hour long discussions/advice sessions with Brown students. I believe the topic of the one we're going to was some Disney discussion (regarding race, I heard, but I don't know how I can be exactly sure about that). In any case, I'm about to go check in with my RA and head back to do some reviewing for tomorrow. Very simple, basic day, but tomorrow should be interesting!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing a about the pozole. Have fun with Lupe today.