Friday, June 27, 2014

Wrapping up the First Week at Brown

Today started with an exasperated me, desperately trying to finish his homework before class started. We had 18, 4-part questions to do before class and, true to myself, I had left almost all of them to be completed the morning of. I first tried to do them in the shade of the Bruno statue, Brown's mascot, but I kept getting too distracted so I ended up going back to my dorm room to complete the assignment. I finished around 11:30 AM and so by 11:45 Sakura, Shannon, and I were all headed up to the VW for some lunch. I don't know if I've said this yet but I don't really think that I can say it enough. The VW has such better food it's ridiculous. It also has nicer tables, larger cups, more selection, and a place to eat outside if you feel like it. All in all the VW is just better.

But after I finished eating I remembered that I hadn't called my mom like I was supposed to yesterday, so I texted to ask if it was OK to call her then and when she replied "yes" we had a nice little conversation. Not really about anything in particular as she already knows about pretty much everything I've been doing through her daily reading of this blog. It was good to hear her voice again though as I do realize that I'm becoming slightly homesick, probably because of the large difference in weather and food. Oh what I wouldn't give for some of my dad's spaghetti, or even just a classic PB & J. Other than that though the day progressed slowly and was actually a bit different than usual.
Sakura & JD performing Compass by Lady Antebellum

Our Macroeconomics classroom
Class was the same as usual, but this time we actually got out 15 minutes early because we had finished reviewing the homework earlier than expected. After that though, nothing really happened until the Talent show started at 7 PM. There wasn't a very large variety of talents there as it was dominated by singers, but there was a large amount of talent there. Many people had written their own songs for guitar and vocals, while this one kid decided to do a bit of poetry. Despite being a tad on the sad side it was beautiful and I have to say I was very impressed with the way he spoke. Sakura performed Compass by Lady Antebellum, while Joe (our RA), & Omer (a Turkish student in our cluster) decided to have a special race. Joe would recite 200 digits of pi as fast as he could while Omer would do a 3x3 Rubix Cube as fast as possible. The whole thing only ended up taking around 30 seconds but Joe ended up winning by about 2 seconds. Despite this I feel like Omer was the real winner because of what he got after.
Joe & Omer racing against each other

It ended around 9 and after walking back to our dorms to hang out with some friends our cluster decided to head to the main green to have a little game of frisbee and volleyball. Both were quite fun but by 10 I was too tired to play and ended up just sitting and talking with Tia, a summer@brown student, her friends visiting from Arizona, and Kevin, who helped to create a very mellow and friendly vibe within the group. We soon got tired and went back to our dorms though, trying to go to sleep early so that we can wake up early for the Boston trip tomorrow. We need to be at the buses by 8:15 AM and the Ratty isn't open on weekends so the long trek to the VW and back is the only way to go. We'll leave around 7:15 in the morning so I should probably get the 6 hours I have left before breakfast. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!
Omer getting some kisses after the show for incredible Rubix Cube skill

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