Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Slow Plunge Into College Life

Waking up early seems to be the norm in college. I don't really know why but if I get up before 8 AM I feel like I'm going to be more protective for the rest of the day. Granted I haven't tried waking up later but the dining halls stop serving food at 9:30 AM so I can't get up too late. Breakfast at the Ratty at 7:30 felt a little early but I really wanted to go to the gym this morning and so Sakura, Shannon, Bianca, Chrissi, Jonathan, and I set out for OMAC and the Nelson Fitness Center around 8:30 AM. The girls wanted to do some swimming in the new pool while Jonathan and I wanted to play some basketball at the OMAC courts. We decided to go our separate ways and meet up again around 10.

After shooting around for a little bit we decided to join in on a pick-up game with a bunch of other summer@brown kids, which turned out to be really fun. I hadn't played basketball in awhile so I got tired pretty quickly but it was a good workout. I wish that we had time to play longer but we took long enough as it was when we ended at 10:45. We went straight back to the dorms to shower and then headed off to the main green to hang out and talk with some friends for awhile before lunch. We met Sakura, Shannon, Bianca, Chrissi, Ryan, Avi, & Omar on the green and decided to head up to the other dining hall, the VW, for lunch.

It turns out that the VW is so much nicer than the Ratty! They have a larger selection of foods to start with, plus the fact that it's also of a much higher quality. Even the seating areas are much nicer than the Ratty, so I think from now on I'll be eating at VW. We had to eat kind of quickly though as we didn't get there until around 12:20 and, as you already know, class starts at 12:45 PM. We busted our plates and walked to Smith-Buonnano, which literally took a minute and put us a good 5 minutes early for the start of class.

We didn't do much for class today besides go over Chapter 5 in our book, which was all about International Trade and the different policies that are put in place to keep it in check. It was very interesting stuff but I still feel like we're in the basic stages of the class and I don't know how long I can wait till we get into the more depth part of it all. We ended right on time I walked back to the dorm with Omar and Gerald, a kid from Connecticut who's also taking Macroeconomics.

When we got back we decided to hang out on the main green for awhile and when I say "awhile" I mean for the rest of the night. A quick run to Subway and back satisfied our dinner hunger but we returned to the green after to find a large gathering of people. We played some frisbee and rugby so we got to meet a lot of British students, most of who played rugby, and learn that British people think American accents are cool. I think now I have to go to London to test that theory. Who knows when I will though, so for now I'll focus on my studies and all the other exciting things that are going on at Brown. Early morning tomorrow, like usual, so it's time to head off to bed. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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