Monday, June 30, 2014

Rest In Peace, Sock

As you can tell from the title, I seem to have lost a dear sock.  Today is Monday, which means it's laundry day.  I had one pair of socks, a few shorts, one shirt that I bought yesterday, one pair of underwear, and no pants left for the week so I really needed to refresh my wardrobe.  After a class lecture, I went down to my hall's laundry lounge (which is definitely larger than Everett's) to do my laundry by myself.  I'm lucky I chose Monday as my laundry day because everyone in my building did theirs yesterday, so I avoided the crowd.

At the end of the two hour process of washing my clothes, I realized that I was missing two socks of different pairings.  One was a white sock that was meant for everyday wear while the other was a black, formal sock.  I ran back down to the laundry room from the third floor to the basement in hopes that my precious socks were still there.  I was relieved to find my white sock wet and left behind in the washer I used, but was distraught at the same time because my formal sock was MIA.  I had a small moment of mourning for my sock back at my dorm as my white sock is drying from the battlefield that is the washing machine.

Aside from the silly talk, hopefully I can find that sock somewhere hidden in a shirt or pair of pants or even on my black bed sheets.  Luckily my mother was smart and packed me a second pair of formal socks so I don't have to worry about not having it for our dinner with admissions officers on Thursday. Besides my little laundry moment, the whole day was fairly average and we have a cluster meeting at nine today.  Oddly enough Charlie chose to meet at the laundry room, but it doesn't matter I guess.  More exciting adventures are to come later everyone.

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  1. Yes, socks are one of those items that you can never have enough of while traveling. I actually just had to purchase some today. I read in Jing's blog that your lab results were used for the class example. Bravo!