Thursday, June 26, 2014

Trade, A New DIning Hall, and Fun in the Midst of Feeling Unproductive

I woke up early to do my morning run with the summer@Brown group this morning as I met one of the cross-country coaches for Brown. We have an interesting conversation about PRs in college as well as the differences between high school and college cross-country. I also spoke to him about the caliber to which colleges are looking for and it was interesting to clarify and misconceptions about the matter. Since Brown is an Ivy League school, no athletic or even merit scholarships are given from the school but that of a grant which coincides with your financial need only. Nevertheless, it was really fun to run with a group of all levels of experience and I found that I can challenge myself in the wide spectrum of runners. Too bad this is only once a week, I am going to have to run either with a runner who is a bit faster than me so that I can PR easier or on my own on campus.

I then went to the Sciences Library ( I honestly think it is the best library at Brown, despite the cookie-cutter architecture standing out among avant-garde and traditional New England brick and wooden architecture to print out some of the lecture slides for class. I figured that since the instructor didn't include lines on the right for us to take notes, it would be close to utterly pointless to print them out. Since I didn't even view the PDF file as I was in a rush to get to class, I felt like I wasted valuable credit from my Bear Bucks card. I then proceeded to eat in a dining hall which wasn't at the The Rattle and my golly was there a difference in the quality of the food! I am definitely going to eat here next time. It is also right next to my class so it will be a great place for me to eat!

I later went to my class where we first were thrown into the ideas identifying consumer and producer surplus. Instructor Byanova never taught that to us before so the whole class tended to struggle with the material in identifying the exact amount and how to calculate both surpluses with or without a price floor or ceiling. She later went through the problem and then we all voted on what movie is good to watch to substitute the time lost from not attending class on Fourth of July. We decided on The Beautiful Mind as it discusses the intricacies between math and economics by awing the audience on game theory. I have heard criticism that a good chunk of the movie doesn't contain accurate information but nonetheless, I look forward to watching it. I suggested in class there was an important college search seminar going on that night and instructor just calmly and responded in a cunning way by this quote," No you don't. You know you really don't want to go to something as boring as that." The class erupted in laughter and I felt that this class is extremely intimate and supportive because of the small nature of the class, where that would be hard to find the same result in a large lecture hall. After class, we received our packet of homework to be turned in on Monday.

I was thinking about playing pick-up soccer on the Green but I decided that it wouldn't be worth it as I was to go to a professional level soccer game later on on Brown's campus as well as playing tomorrow. I then browsed of the shops on Thayer so that I can get a nice feel of the College Hill district. I fell in love with the sports shop, especially with its soccer jerseys for the World Cup! I decided I may venture there later and then later went to an admissions/ time management meeting. I learned a lot from a student in the eight-year medical track and he later then told us the cold hard facts about college and other parts of his academic and social life, leading me to talk with Carlos while walking back to out dorms! We then exchanged contact info as well as promising to keep in touch. I really thank ILC for the opportunity to form connections and I swear that taking advantage of the resources you have is extremely beneficial! I later then went up to the soccer game of the Revolution versus Rochester which was 2-1. I ate dinner there and met my dad's good friend who was working at the press box! What a bang!

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