Monday, June 2, 2014

And So It Begins...!

As usual, today began as a regular school day and, like most other students around this time, the amount of stress for finals is mounting on us. Yes, it is the last week of school for most of us, but it is important that we all finish strong. For such matter, I headed over to my school's final meeting for Aqua Team, an internship program by Earth Team, to receive my certificate for working (as a volunteer) with the group. As I had to quickly rush off to meet my English project group member, I promptly expressed my final goodbye to the group, took a doughnut (or two...) and headed toward the College & Career Center to work on the project itself. I sat there, attentively working on my project for as long as I could, before I headed home and made my way to today's milestone event- the Ivy League Connection Orientation.

I left my house 40 minutes before the doors would close on us, with my heart slightly racing at the fact that the street lanes leading to the freeway were not progressing. Furthermore, I was concerned that some traffic would be the death of me, particularly because Don made it clear to us ILCers that our scholarships would be revoked if not at Pinole Middle School by 6:00 p.m. sharp. Gratefully, however, I actually arrived with much time to spare at the rather new Pinole Middle School. I made my way to the cafeteria, where I joined everyone else who had already arrived. On one side, I saw the cafeteria stage laid out with an array of luggage as well as table set out with loaner items that would be available for the trip. I briefly examined the items, getting my eyes on what I'd need for the trip, and proceeded to a seat alongside my mom as we waited for the orientation to begin.

Don stared off with a brief introduction of himself and the day's agenda. Shortly into his introduction, everyone quietly beheld an Evil Don look, directed toward a few arriving ILcers. Though everyone expected something crazy to go down, Don let them by and moved on to continue covering the basics of the day: filling out forms, giving us information on loaner items, and a formal reminder of what this program is meant for. As the Ivy League Connection, Don emphasized that we make connections with admissions officers, roommates, classmates, and everyone we may come in contact with throughout the entire trip. He made sure that the fact that this trip will be life changing penetrate into our minds. Of course, I interpreted all the information and occasional jokes to my mom, who, though late, surely understood the plethora of information given. Following the catch-up on the ILC, Don dismissed us into the groups we were to split into. As part of the Brown-I cohort, my mom and I made our way to meet up with everyone else from the group. Ms. Scott, our chaperone, had a set of forms ready for us, which we began to work on right away. After filling out the forms, Ms. Scott presented us with a general itinerary. In it, we found out about some special events while over on the East Coast, from events with admissions officers, alumni, and visiting sites! I was somewhat perplexed to see the overwhelmingly busy schedule, as overviewed in the itinerary. However, a great smile swept across my Ms. Scott announced that we would visit Narragansett while in Rhode island. Knowing that I was dying to visit a beach or coastal region, like in Narragansett, makes it no surprise that this was one of my personal highlights of the orientation. At that point I could sense more positive vibes, which made my desire to take on this trip that much greater.

Moving on, the group and I more or less discussed about formal attire, college tours, and luggage, before Don brought our attention to him again. He spoke furthermore on details that were relatively new to our parents, but very day-one, old information for us ILCers. He reiterated what he had previously said about the ILC and trip, then gave us an idea as to what the particular living conditions of some of the schools were like. From what he mentioned about Brown, I will be very sure to have a fan in my dorm. I know I don't want to suffocate in the heat and humidity that the East Coast has in store for us. More importantly, though, I am realizing that the time for this trip is getting closer very quickly and that I will be having to hustle these next few weeks to make sure I set for smooth sailing this summer.

After everyone knew what they needed to, Don finally dismissed orientation. As we all know, the day before the cohorts embark on their own summer trips is quickly arriving. With that said, I sit here finishing up this blog, tired but very wondrous as to what this summer beholds for everyone. I look forward to meeting new people, living away from home for a few weeks, enjoying what the East Coast offers, but most importantly, the course that the we ILCers have earned the privilege to take. In the meantime, though, I will get back to finishing up on homework and working on my finals. At last, goodnight, everyone!

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  1. Arnold, isn't it exciting how close the trip is? Yes, from reading the past students' blogs, it is clear that fans are imperative for Brown students in the dormitories. Thankfully, there is a rental place on campus where we can get a large fan on the day that you arrive at the dorms.

    I hope your last week of school wrapped up well. See you soon!