Sunday, June 22, 2014

The First Day of Dorm Life

It's time to pack up! We moved in our Brown dorm today. Since I packed up my stuff every day in the hotel to make sure that I didn't lose anything, the packing process was not a big problem for me. But, the weight of the luggage was a big problem for me. Carrying three luggage and a backpack at the same time was definitely not fun. 

My Side of the Room
When we arrived at Brown, there were already many parents and students waiting in line for check-ins and move-ins. The first thing we did was to check in and get an envelope with our class information and dorm key in it. As soon I got the envelope, I took out the key and thought, "I am now really starting my dorm life." In the five of us, three live in the same building: I, Arnold and Kevin live in Archibald Bronson building, and Jack lives in Everett-Poland, and Brandon lives in Jameson. From the formal descriptions about Brown dorm, I was really scared that I would be living in a dorm where the facilities were old and bad, and I would sweat a lot in there. As soon I entered the building, I thought, "Maybe it is not as bad as I thought." There is even an elevator in the building. I think I am lucky enough because I heard that this dorm building the newest and has the nicest facilities. Maybe other dorms are as bad as I thought.  

When I got there, my roommate had not arrived yet, so I chose the last side since I am a right-handed person. We then headed to borrow our fans and later to get our textbook and Brown souvenirs and have Greek style lunch. As I first walked into the store, I saw many choices of Brown clothes that I thought it would be difficult for me to choose one. But, surprisingly, I made my decision pretty quickly. It was the size problem that took me more time to figure out; I was choosing between small and medium. I had never been into a Greek restaurant, so it was another first time experience. I chose lamp leg as my main dish because in the description it said there was garlic sauce, which was my favorite, but the real dish was not as good as I thought. We took a group picture of us all wearing our Brown sweater/hoodies and standing in front of our dorm quadrant. The Brown program officially starts!
The Brown-I Cohort with Our Brown Sweater/Hoodie

Our next schedule was the campus tour. The tour was unexpectedly short; it lasted only thirty minutes. Since there are some lucky symbol in Harvard, Yale, and MIT that all people want to touch, I was wondering of Brown also has this tradition. Apparently, there isn't. For tomorrow's convenience, we decided to search our class building in advance, so we will not be panic tomorrow about not being able to find the classroom. It was a long way from dorm to our classrooms, so I think we have to have some spare time for us to get there and be prepared for class. We also got our laundry detergent and needed toiletries at CVS.

It was time to say goodbye to Ms.Scott and to be on our own. Am I prepared? I think so?! When I got back to my room, I finally met my roommate. Her name is Amulia, and she is from Chicago. Both her parents were here to help her settle everything. They were all really nice people, and I know I will have a great time with her as a roommate.

Orientation was our next activity. Until that moment, I realized that there are so many people in the Summer @ Brown program. More and more people just walked pass me, and there were even no enough space in a big hall that fit all of us. I had to listen to the orientation with live-broadcasting. They talked about the general rules and some important contact numbers for us in case that we have some emergency. After the orientation, we had our ice-breaker with our small dorm division and the R.A., Marie. We did a name game, which was what I was worst at-memorizing names. Of course, I still cannot remember all of their names, but I will try my best. 

Dinner was not as good as I thought. The food was edible, but definitely not delicious (completely different from the food we ate in the previous days). When eating dinner, I was able to talk with some of the people in out dorm division, and I realized that I was the oldest in the group. Next, the ice cream social, but I did not do any social. I don't think anyone did because all the people just stay with the people they already knew. The cliques were obvious. At the same time, I found the Brown-I cohort, who I felt the most comfortable staying with. We asked each other how was everything going, and the reaction was polar. I hope everything goes well with everyone.

The Tiny Shower Space
Finally, we got back to our dorms. I took a shower first, but I could only say that the shower room was too small. I could barely move in the space, and there were no hangers, which I had to put all my stuff on the floor and they all got wet. At eight thirty, we had our mandatory meeting with our floor. They repeated what was already said in the orientation, but I think I felt more prepared after they went over all the rules again.

I though I was able to finish my blogs and descriptions early and go to bed earlier, but I was wrong. The internet problem really drove me crazy. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not get online. Trying hard paid back. I could finally connect onto the internet, and I am able to write the blog now. It is twelve forty-five right now, and my class tomorrow will be at 9 AM. Good luck to me!


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