Monday, June 23, 2014

First Class, First Laundry

Although I didn't do nearly as much as I have today as the past week, I feel exhausted.  Today was the first day of class and the true first day of living alone.  I woke up at about 7:30 AM to get ready for breakfast and my biotechnology class that starts at 9.  I met up with Jing, Arnold, and Jack at 8 after getting ready and we headed to the Ratty dining commons.  I had a simple breakfast, just some Cinnamon Toast Crunch since I've been craving cereal for the longest time.

After breakfast we all headed to the Biomedical Center a few blocks away where Jing, Arnold, and I would take our first class.  We were directed by the receptionist at the front door to our class, where we were greeted with cards with our faces on it, a syllabus, a three-week schedule, and a lab packet.  We then went inside the class to begin.

Class itself was consisted of basically going over the syllabus and schedule, an icebreaker, and a lecture on what topics we should know for the class.  The topics were just basic DNA structure, the central dogma, and DNA replication, so nothing too new.  As for the icebreaker, we all put something we are good at on a piece of paper and put it into a box.  Then one person would draw out of the box and try to guess whose paper they got.  Then, the owner of that paper would repeat the cycle.  Our instructor, Jody Hall, and our assistant, Heidi Mullins, participated as well.  I myself wrote that I was good at badminton, and was guessed in one try.  Afterward, I drew Arnold's knowing it was his, but decided not to say so for the spirit of the game and pointed at Heidi.  The icebreaker was great and we have been warned for a quiz on Wednesday, a quiz where we would have to match our classmates' faces with names.  Hopefully that won't be too hard.

When class ended and after eating at the V Dub dining commons, Arnold, Jing, and I went to the Student Activities office to get our Bear Bucks card for laundry today.  We decided to lay on the main green for a bit, but decided against it after multiple bugs crawled on us, so we just headed back to our dorms.  The rest of the day was spent doing homework, doing laundry (which is STILL not dry as of 8:50 PM...), and eating.  Jack, Arnold, and I even went to Froyo World for some frozen yogurt, which was similar, but not as cheap and good as Yogurtland at home in Pinole.

At 9 PM, I met with my dorm cluster for an RA meeting outside on the quad.  We played two games, Never Have I Ever and a number game in which we counted as a circle to 15 and the person with 15 made a rule for any of the other numbers.  It's confusing but if I ever get the chance to teach someone, it'll be clearer. After some good laughs and more bonding, we decided it was time to head back, good thing because I was starting to freeze.

Now I am back at my dorm with all of my laundry fresh and folded after a whole week, meaning that one laundry cycle out of three are now complete for the trip.  I wonder how fast the days will go by from here, I'm going to miss everyone I've met for sure, but at the same time I can't wait to come home and see everyone, tell them about the trip, and show them how much I've matured.  I have to read twenty more pages out of my textbook about DNA and the experiments used to discover things about it, so I'll leave this blog at this as I believe I have no more events for the day.

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