Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Boston Massacre, MFA, MIT, & Flour

I woke up earlier than normal today at around 6 AM so that Tia, Rachael, and I could get breakfast at the V-dub since the Ratty is closed on weekends. It was a necessity that I arrived at the bus stop by 8:15, or they would give my seat up to whoever was on the wait list. A bunch of my friends were on the wait list though, so once we got there we waited for everyone to get their pass before boarding. The ride was only  about an hour but sitting next to Jonathan with Caleb just across the aisle proved to be loads of fun. After Caleb's simple statement of "They have complimentary key holders, but yours is broken." I knew that this trip was going to be way better than any ordinary trip to Boston.

When we arrived we immediately went into Quincy Market to take a look at all the goods they had to offer. Other people decided to get such things as Lobster Rolls, Pizza, or both, yet I decided to stick with a good ol' cup a joe as I was still full from breakfast. After a short walk through the market we took a stroll towards the top of the North End, but never actually finding it, until Tia, Rachael, & I decided to break away from the main group and do our own thing. We wanted to actually do stuff with the time given to us in Boston and with everyone else wandering aimlessly about we thought it would be beneficial to both parties if we split up.

Before we set off for the North End however, we had to take a stop at the site of the Boston Massacre. For those of you who don't know this event played a crucial role in igniting the flames of revolution within the colonies and is even said to have been the start of propaganda. So after a quick pass there we headed straight for North End. For those of you who don't know it's pretty much the equivalent of Little Italy but so much better. As soon as we got there we dipped into a bakery to try some of the many delicacies that they offered. My mom had suggested Max's but it was already too late as we tore into some sort of chocolate bar and a flaky bread with a kind of almond custard in the middle. It was so delicious and after we decided to try and work it off by taking the Harbor Walk around the North End and back to the nearest subway stop at Haymarket.

From there Tia had shown great interest in the Museum of Fine Arts, being the amazing artist that she is, and we were soon taking the green line towards Hearth St. to get off at the MFA stop. To be honest I had never really had an interest in art until I had gotten obsessed with photography, and from there everything sort of skyrocketed. Unfortunately my camera died half way through the Impressioniste exhibit, but it turned out being for the better as Tia later exclaimed that "Not all art can be photographed and saved, it must be viewed as it is in the moment." This really got me to thinking about all the different kinds of art and their purposes in the world around us; a question that I'm still asking myself even as I write this blog.

After looking through the Impressioniste exhibit, the murals of John Singer Sargent, & a few more of the modern pieces we decided to leave for MIT. Tia's friend was doing the camp their in Entrepreneurship and his friends were having a big kickstarter for their new business uGigIt, which is all about connecting musicians with restaurants so that they can both improve their respective trades. It seemed like a very good idea, and the musicians that they had playing were a pretty good cover band, but it was kinda out of the way to go to, so unless you normally walk on the outer edge of the MIT campus you would never notice them. We couldn't stay very long though because we needed to be back at the bus around 4 PM and it had already struck 3:20 when we arrived at MIT.

We soon realized that we hadn't visited Flour yet though, a bakery opened by a Harvard grad after completing her Master's in Mathematics, so we ran as fast as we could to the one on Mass Ave., closest to MIT. This is where I decided to get my lunch and, even though it was quite late, it was worth the wait. I ordered a Raspberry Crumble Bar and a half of a Portobello Melt before we had to rush off to the subway station in order to get back before the buses left. After taking the Red line back, with a quick transfer at the green line, we arrived at 4:05 with plenty of time to spare. We didn't take any chances though, as we boarded the bus immediately, and I took a seat at the back next to my roommate Utku. 

It was boiling on in a bus with no A/C on the ride back but it I didn't think about that too much because the day was only just beginning. Arriving back at around 5:45 we had about 2 hours before we all wanted to leave for Waterfire and in that time not a lot was done. Almost everyone in our cluster and some of the 1st floor girls decided to pile into my room for a tightly packed conversation. I didn't stay long though as I wanted to take a shower, and after returning to this packed room, decided that the main green would be the best course of action. Hector, Caleb, Ryan, Jonathan, and I played frisbee until the time of Waterfire, which turned out to be more like 9 PM, since that's when the fires were lit. 

Gemma, a girl from California whom I went to middle school with, had just gotten into Providence this morning for a 6-week program at RISD so I met her at Waterfire and we just decided to walk around a bit. There was a dance going on at RISD so we checked that out but after awhile of watching people who couldn't tell their left foot from their right we decided to head back to the Brown campus. She seemed surprised by how nice it was and the orderliness of it all but I think she's happy she's at RISD. I left her at her dorm around 10:20 PM and after a sprint back to the dorms I arrived to see our cluster hanging out in the lounge playing another round of cards. I decided to watch until curfew, at which time everyone piled into Caleb's room for another little friendly conversation. It was packed but we stayed awhile, resulting in the lateness of this post and the reason for which I won't be waking up any earlier than 10 AM. I should probably get some sleep now even though for once I'm not tired. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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