Friday, June 27, 2014

Something A Bit Different

This won't be your typical, boring journal delineating the impacts of what on in a particular day or event but that on a bigger scale. Sure I met up with Alana and had a great conversation of discussing matters and other aspects but I felt that those 15 minutes relates to why I am here and how I am bold with being in the Ivy League Connection. This may be unconventional or even embarrassing to say in a blog but I have gotten over caring about concealing and restricting my full background, no matter the wealth of anyone I meet, the prestige of the boarding school they attend, their pride of fostering crude racial jokes and comments, how people wish to have no respect when trying to hookup (by making excuses to disregard human decency), or anything else. This finally came through where I met someone else with a scholarship, a person who came to temporarily avoid a chaotic political situation. And this person arrived in Providence with my roommate, from a wealthy and entitled background where his father rented and flew a four-seat plane to arrive from New York to Providence, but on a scholarship.

If you really want to know what I did in a nutshell, I can just state it here in this paragraph. Pictures will be below but what I wish to convey will be evident later in this paragraph. Today, I walked over to the Brown Bookstore to get a notebook, a wallet, and a folder and got breakfast at The Rattie where I was doing econ problem sets. I returned to my room to wake up my roommate and the face of my sociable and seducing friend down the hall came back from his class to check up on my roommate and was astounded to still see him lie in bed. I told him that it is almost noon and that he might be late for the class he is TAing. He then rushed and I then rushed to get ready to eat lunch, meet Alana, and go to class. I met Alana swiftly and talked about whether I needed clothes hangers to how matters were going. I talked a tiny bit about social pressure and I was surprised she even asked about highly prohibited items in the dorms and I quickly said that no one has even though about those types of paraphernalia but rather that of forming strong bonds with others, and that can come in all categories. We also talked about upcoming events and details which is especially exciting! I then went to class and we then finished up trade and went on to a very general but intriguing topic about macroeconomics and its intricacies, different schools of economics (yum) and GDP/CPI. Watching videos on globalization and outsourcing are events I like to do in my past time, despite its biased nature to put developing countries on an inferior light to good ol' 'Murica. After checking the US-Germany score and talking about Confucianism at break, we later went on in the class until I went back to my dorm to see people inspecting my place and commenting on how our room was. It was mainly because of my roommate who forgets to do his laundry and I am honestly indifferent but because the stench got noticeable, I walked to Thayer twice to get the appropiate air freshener devices, especially when members of the opposite sex walked in to hang out with some friends/ mutual friends. It was sad to see how social pressure will eventually provide an incentive for him to do his act but that this a growth lesson that I am happy to work with. People in the world need to help each other!

Sure dinner, discussion on Turkish politics, baking brownies with others in Archibald-Bronson, playing a game of Cards Against Humanity with kids who don't get the jokes and the point of the game (it was absolutely god-awful), speaking in Japanese after hearing a person from Kyoto but attends school in Stony Brook converse in Japanese, economic readings, chatting at 3am with a group of friends and my RA about the most productive, yet funny stuff ever, as well as many more are significant. But what was the most significant was me being able to meet a Turkish kid who flew in with a scholarship and attends an international kid with a scholarship. I felt at ease to tell him what the ILC was and why I was here and he encouraged me to be proud and to not be ashamed as I may be bashful because of other peoples' fortunate and boatful backgrounds. I told him my goal and he said that I should do my best to meet that and to not be ashamed. He also said it as if it weren't a big deal as he went to Summer@ Brown twice and has told Hugh (whose dad has made well over a million dollars) and another friend who lives near one of the richest communities in America about how he is middle class and mainly goes through academia on scholarships. I was so relieved and happy that I could restore confidence again and not always put a facade on to others. I am sorry for failing you in the beginning but I know it will turn around. I promise.

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  1. Kevin, I am proud of you. You are at a difficult age where pressure to be or act a certain way is everywhere. Always be proud of where you came from and who you are and it will encourage others to do the same. There is a beautiful poem by Marianne Williamson, I believe. Look it up.