Friday, June 27, 2014

Walk, Walk, and Walk

My Result
It is finally Friday, but it does not mean that my day was easier in any way. We had another gel electrophoresis lab today with an addition of DNA methylation, which a methyl group was added to the cytosine or adenine DNA nucleotides. There were six different tubes with different combination of methylase, EcoRI, and HindII. We went through similar  procedures as yesterday's except we needed to incubate those tubes in 37 degrees Celsius water twenty more minutes because we added EcoRI, and HindII. The lab was successful, and my photo for the gel was very close to that of ideal gel.

After class, Brandon, Arnold, Benji, and I decided to try Soban, a Korean restaurant. Brandon and I shared a serving of bibimbap, and it was delicious. The vegetables, the egg, the beef, the rice, and the sauce just blended with each other so well. I really enjoyed the meal.

An hour later, I was sitting in a classroom with two Brown current students talking about time management in college. There was no doubt that good time management was the only way for college student to succeed in college because there would be heavy workload and also many extracurricular activities to participate in. They advised us definitely make a schedule that allowed us to put everything we needed to do in, so we could prioritize the activities and finish them on time with the least pressure and with the best outcome.

Another hour later, I went to the science library to meet Jody. It was her office hour, so I decided to talk to her and ask her some questions. I asked her about a question on DNA sequences that are most likely to be sites where restriction enzymes might cut. After her explanation, I felt that there was a light bulb on my head. When we wanted to find the site, we had to find the complementary nucleobases, and read the sequence from the opposite end, and see whether the two sequences were the same. I also let her check my photo and my gel, and she said it was a really good result. We also talked about the vegetables we planted in our backyard, such as tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers, etc.

I rushed to Sears Hall for another session called "Face in the Crowd." I was interested in it because the instructor told us how to accept the fact that a top student in high school will no longer be a top student in the school, but with the crowd once enters a prestigious college. She told us to write down things such as when do we feel important, a thing that we are bored of, and a thing that we want to do but can't. These questions allow to see that we as an individual live in a community where everyone needs each other because all the answers for the importance questions were about being cared by other people.

At seven o'clock was the bear talent show. The performances were interesting, and I really admired the performers' courage to go up stage and perform in front of so many people. The performances included singing, dancing, telling a story, and playing guitars. Good job to all the performers.

I have to sleep earlier today because I am going to Boston tomorrow. I hope I will have fun there.

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