Monday, June 2, 2014

The Last Organized Meeting Before the Trip-- The Orientation

Loaner Items
Two weeks before my Brown study trip, I attended the last organized meeting with all the ILCers. In order to be prepared for the meeting and preview all the loaner items, I decided to leave home earlier so I could arrived at Pinole Middle School earlier. Maybe I was not early enough to be special, when I arrived there at five forty-five, I saw many people were already at the meeting place.

Looking at the loaner items displayed on the table, I suddenly realized that there are only two weeks left until my actual Brown trip, which I will have to leave my family to travel and study at a place 2560 miles away from California, and this is why the orientation that happened today was really important.

Don Talking
It was six o'clock. Don walked in front of the meeting room and talked about things to be aware during the trip. From things to pack to what to expect from the trip, Don explained with details, so there would be no confusion and misunderstanding. Ms. Kronenberg took over the microphone and praised Don as the best tourist guide who cared about every detail in the trip just to ensure that everything is under control and in plan. She then talked about the general expectations and what kind of responsibilities we carry as the ambassadors of the school district representing all the students, teachers, and all the administrators in this school district.We will be treated like adults back east, and if we could not behave maturely, we could be sent home right during the trip. They kept on emphasizing that, "you would not want to be the main character of next year's story." This statement said everything.

Ms.Scott Talking 
Following up was the individual cohort session time. Each cohort gathered up and started their individual meeting with its chaperon. Ms. Scott gave us several forms to fill out, and finally the rough itinerary. From the itinerary, I could see that our trip will be really packed but also substantial. There will be many places that we are going to visit, including Harvard University, Dartmouth University, MIT, Brandeis University, Waterfire Providence , and of course Brown University, and we are also going to have meals with admission people and alumni from those colleges. How exciting! Besides visiting these famous places, we are also able to experience different kinds of transportation like train, airplane, and feet. The only part that I am not that excited about is the fact that we will have to arrive at El Cerrito High School during midnight on the departing date. I think I will have to set up 10 alarm clocks to wake myself up then.

The meeting ended with Don's introduction and demonstration on the various loaner items that can be borrowed to the trip. As more and more preparations are done for the trip, it means that the departing day is getting closer and closer. The trip no longer seems like a untouchable dream, but a experience that I will soon face to challenge myself for my own responsibilities and maturity. The excitement is still there, but the nervousness and anxiety is getting larger and larger. I hope everything will be fine and I will not cry on the departing day.

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  1. Jing -

    I can relate to your anxious and nervous feelings, because that saying about "not wanting to be the character in next year's story" holds true for us chaperones, as well. But remember, we are traveling as a group! If something goes wrong, we are all there to support each other and laugh it off. I have no doubt that you and the other students will be stellar in your studies and in your interactions with the alum and admissions' officers who are so excited to meet you.